As firms rush to cash in on the fad

Lying on a white bed with a uniformed nurse hovering beside her, Jess Lavers steels herself not to faint as an intravenous tube is inserted into her arm.For the next half an hour, the cannula drips a lurid yellow liquid directly into her veins, and the nurse keeps careful watch on her progress. 

While this may sound like a worrying medical ordeal, 34-year-old Jess is not seriously ill. Nor is she lying in a hospital ward.In fact, she’s relaxing at a plush spa in Kensington, West London, where she has paid £225 for a cocktail of vitamins and minerals to be pumped straight into her bloodstream. 

Welcome to the surreal world of the drip spa — the latest health and beauty fad to arrive in Britain from the U.S. — where the steady growth of intravenous (or IV) ‘bars’, ‘spas’ and ‘cafes’ looks set to make this once alternative medical treatment as de rigueur as having a manicure.With four already open across London, Manchester’s first drip bar was opened last year by the Re-enhance Skin and Body Clinic, which now has salons across the country, from Abersoch to Wakefield. 

And Esther Fieldgrass — founder of the EF Medispa, where Jess is having her treatment,We offer the biggest collection of old masters that can be turned into hand paintedbestparkingguidance on canvas. and the first to introduce drip bars to the UK — insists they are set to become the new normal.‘Just as Botox is now commonplace, in a few years’ time,Our premium collection of quality handsfreeaccess generously offers affordability. you will see them cropping up on every High Street,’ she says. 

The controversial treatment first hit the headlines a few years ago when Simon Cowell admitted that, following Dannii Minogue’s tip, he has a blend of vitamin B12, magnesium, vitamin C and ‘something for your liver’ pumped into his body each week. He described it as giving him ‘an incredibly warm feeling?.?.?. indescribable but very calming, and then it gives you energy for a good few days afterwards.’During the half-hour treatment, a melange of vitamins and minerals is mixed with a saline solution and slowly fed into the bloodstream, to rehydrate and revitalise the body quickly — which is why many cite it as an effective, if expensive, hangover cure. 

The treatment was originally developed to help cancer patients whose vitamin levels had been depleted by chemotherapy, but in recent years it has become a secret weapon for burnt-out stars — Brad Pitt and Madonna are both reputed to be fans, and Rihanna even tweeted a picture of herself hooked up to a drip last year. 

Now, with clinics springing up across the country for ‘party girl drips’ — as they have been dubbed, Jess is one of a growing number to adopt them as a regular antidote to a work-hard and party-harder lifestyle.But while such a habit could easily add up to an annual bill exceeding £10,000, sceptics say they offer no benefit to healthy individuals, and could be fatal if incorrectly administered. 

That doesn’t bother Jess or the other clients at the EF Medispa, where the service is so popular there’s even a ‘Drip and Chill’ lounge in which clients can enjoy a foot massage and music while they are hooked up to an IV.The spa’s vitamin infusion treatment list reads like a juice bar menu. Stress Buster is a vitamin B blend that claims to ‘calm you down and allow you to face your daily challenges’. 

Then there’s the Power Booster — described as a ‘drug-free high’ for those who need to keep ‘on top of the game’ — and the Vitality Booster, which is popular with wealthy partygoers as an instant pick-me-up after a heavy weekend. Both drips are rich in vitamin C.Jess, who is single and runs her own interior design company in Fulham, West London, has been feeling run down of late. 

So on this, her first visit to a drip bar, she’s opted for the Immuno Booster — a blend of vitamins??B and C and selenium — to revive her flagging energy levels.She’s popped in to the clinic on her way to work and hopes to feel ‘sparkly’ afterwards because she’s got a hectic day ahead with wall-to-wall meetings followed by a dinner date.This is a basic background on drycabinet. 

‘After a frantic summer I’ve been feeling shattered, so I’m in desperate need of a pick-me-up — £225 is a lot but health is everything, so this is worth every penny,’ she says.Health may be everything, but experts point out there is no research to back up claims that vitamin drips offer any benefit to those not suffering a diagnosed deficiency. 

Indeed, in the only study to date,We have become one of the worlds most recognised jewelrysupplies brands. vitamin infusions were found to be no more effective than a placebo — a saline drip — making them no better than a bottle of mineral water.‘I can see no benefit other than rehydration, and the feeling that comes when someone gives you care in a sympathetic style in a comfortable setting,’ says Jonathan Chick, professor of health sciences at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. 

The instant glow that drippers rave about, he concludes, is probably down to the magnesium, but this won’t last for long. ‘Infusions containing magnesium salts give a pleasant warm feeling, with a mild flush, due to capillaries (tiny blood vessels) opening up and allowing more blood through,’ he says.Paying for a treatment whose only benefit is short-lived is one thing, but medics are worried about the risks attached to the practice. 

Like any intravenous procedure, there’s a risk of infection and regular use could lead to vein damage. Incorrect dosing could harm the kidneys and liver if they are unable to efficiently dilute the excess minerals, leading to high chloride and sodium levels, which can cause dizziness, weakness and swelling. Very high sodium levels can even cause seizures and coma.In rare cases, the drips could trigger a potentially fatal allergic reaction. 

Dr Adam Cunliffe, principal lecturer in human nutrition at London South Bank University, says the risks are small when performed by qualified medics, but he is concerned standards may slip as the treatment becomes more widely available.‘People who want to do what the stars are doing, but don’t have the same money, may be tempted into situations that don’t have high clinical standards. There would be all kinds of risks, including infection and anaphylactic shock,Cheap crystalbeadswholesal dolls from your photos.’ he says. 

But Esther Fieldgrass is adamant the drips offered at her clinic are safe, fast and effective.She argues that conventional vitamins, taken orally, can be ‘rendered inactive’ in the digestive tract.So, she says, it makes sense to administer them into the bloodstream to provide an ‘immediate therapeutic response’.

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From the land of the midnight sun

In this week’s interview with an ambassador from around the world stationed in the UAE, Amanda Fisher speaks with Swedish Ambassador Max Bjuhr about Swedish business presence in the UAE, turning waste into energy, and the midnight sun. 

I studied Law at Uppsala University in Sweden and my interest in the Middle East started when I was in university. My dissertation addressed the legal aspects of setting up a business in Iraq. I moved to Egypt to study Arabic at the American University in Cairo after that. 

In terms of professional experience, I worked for a Swedish company in Cairo for three years following my degree. I joined the Foreign Service in 1991 and stayed for three years. Then took up a position as Chief of Staff of Norrbotten County Council in Sweden where I dealt with health care issues.The term 'cleaningservicesydney control' means the token that identifies a user is read from within a pocket or handbag. I went back to the Foreign Service in 1998. 

My first posting was Croatia in 1992. I was involved in setting up our mission in the country. I had a background in the area, studying the Serbo-Croatian language in Belgrade in the early 80s and also participating briefly in the EU monitoring mission in ex-Yugoslavia in 1991 and 1992. 

Returning from my four years at the county council, I worked at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm in a programme assisting North-West Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States in nuclear safety related issues including the handling of nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel. 

I was Sweden’s representative in the Contact Expert Group for International Nuclear Legacy Initiatives in the Russian Federation. I was also Sweden’s representative in negotiating the Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme in the Russian Federation — an international programme to assist the Russian Federation in the field of spent nuclear fuel safety and radioactive waste management. Projects covered by MNEPR include securing and cleaning up spent nuclear fuel storage sites and dismantling old decommissioned nuclear submarines. 

In 2001, I made my foray in Africa when I was appointed deputy head of mission at our embassy in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia in 2001 and also as deputy head of mission in Pretoria, South Africa in 2005. I returned to the Ministry in 2008 and took up a position heading the Consular division at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. 

Yes, I am living with my wife and two sons. My wife is a team player in my work and also a literature teacher with a Masters in Adult Education and Social Studies. She always gets involved in various educational projects during our postings. Our eldest son has just started working with a Swedish company and our youngest son is having a great time at school in Abu Dhabi.These granitetiles can, apparently, operate entirely off the grid. 

The challenges faced by the UAE are similar to the challenges facing other countries that have experienced high growth figures in a relatively short period. These include challenges in the education system, meeting the needs for adequately skilled manpower, creating a diversified and sustainable economy and upholding high standards of environmental protection. 

The UAE and Sweden have excellent relations on the highest levels. Earlier this year, the UAE Minister of Economy Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri visited Sweden and the Swedish Minister for Trade Ewa Bj?rling will visit the UAE this month. Our foreign ministers meet on a regular basis. King Carl Gustaf and Crown Princess Victoria have visited the UAE twice. 

We are two relatively small countries with a shared and solid interest in higher education, research and innovation. That contributes to the fact that we have successful cooperation within renewable energy, healthcare and culture. 

Both the UAE and Sweden are active members of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Sweden together with UAE, China, Finland and Denmark are part of the Global Sustainable Cities Network — one aspect currently being discussed within the network is waste management and the transformation of waste to energy. The World Future Energy Summit, established by the UAE, is one of our most important platforms for engaging in these matters. The event continues to spur great interest from Sweden and it is the most important event in Sweden’s calendar in the UAE on an annual basis. 

When it comes to healthcare, Sweden actively participates in the Arab Health Conference and Exhibition held in the UAE every year. The Swedish company Global Health Partner is running the best and most advanced clinic in the UAE for treatment and research regarding diabetes. In addition, we also have a strong collaboration in the area of infection control while promising discussions in the area of biotech are taking place. 

Culture is a domain were we have built a solid bridge between the UAE Embassy in Sweden and the Swedish Embassy. We have been collaborating in organising Swedish Poetry Days in the UAE where Swedish poets visited the UAE and held several events as part of a cultural initiative for exchange and reading development. Representing a country that created the Nobel Prize in Literature and being in a region with great traditions of storytelling and poetry, culture is a domain Sweden would definitely like to explore further. 

There are more than 200 Swedish companies in the UAE, many with regional offices in Dubai. We have a Swedish Business Association in Dubai that represents 150 of them, while the UAE is the third biggest trading partner for Sweden in the Middle East.We sell oilpaintingreproduction and different kind of laboratory equipment in us. 

September marks an event we’re really looking forward to — Emirates Airlines will launch direct flights from Dubai to Stockholm which, as you can imagine, is very important for business and for tourism.What's the difference between besthandsfreeaccess and Porcelain Tiles? This will have a positive impact on our relations.A earcap is a plastic card that has a computer chip implanted into it that enables the card to perform certain. 

Another event we’re looking forward to is the Middle East and North Africa Summit which is the biggest gathering of Swedish companies in the region, together with local partners. The Summit takes place in Dubai in October. 

There are many well-established Swedish companies in the UAE including IKEA, Ericsson, Volvo and The One and they are all doing great business. World class partnerships with UAE Airports have started. Swedish company LFV provides air navigation services to Abu Dhabi Airports Company — in charge of five airports in the capital. Furthermore, Swedish company AVTECH is working to help Dubai Airports increase their capacity.

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America’s War on War

Agreeably, wickedness and righteousness cannot be combined in one human character or official policy stance. Even in the beginning of knowledge-based 21st century, the mankind has not fully recovered from the scourge of the 2nd WW. The global powers and the UNO betrayed the public trust and vision for a peaceful future without wars. Rationality must overcome insanity that today’s world and the leading powerful nations are again engaged in multifaceted experiments to endanger life, habitats and the living Universe. America and its Western allies pretend to be acting in good faith to safeguard the mankind from the scourge of war and the use of chemical weapons against the innocent civilian population in Syria and elsewhere. It is the self-interest and politically indoctrinated strategic policy to shore up support and argument for another war on Syria. How would it be different than the sadistic cruelty being imposed by the Bashar Al-Assad regime for over two years on the people of Syria? Does the US and other Western nations have a clean slate of their own history of non-chemical warfare against the innocent mankind? The global community is painfully aware that those equipped with small wisdom, no knowledge but big mouth and most hated and feared are active again in misleading the humanity. 

None of the international powerful leaders care for the safety and interests of the mankind.I personally really like these mini stainlesssteelbracelets for my iPhone. As early as during the 1916 -1917, the British used mustard gas to kill several thousands of Iraqi civilians agitating for their human rights and freedom from the British colonial rule. It was Winston Churchill - the Secretary-Minister who did that crime against Iraqis. America had unchecked freedom of political insanity to use napalm gas bombs and chemicals in Vietnam and massacred millions until opted for secret negotiations to leave Vietnam. No one could dare to call for American indictment in Vietnam. The global nations had signed the agreement at Hague in 1899 and the Geneva Convention of 1907 to ban the use of chemical weapons. It was reiterated in the Geneva Convention of 1925 and the Chemical Weapons Convention. The Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court specifically points out that employing “poison or poisoned weapons” and “asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases, and all analogous liquids, materials or devices” are war crimes, under Article 8. During the 1980-90’s Iraq self-declared war on the newly formed Islamic Republic of Iran, Saddam Hussein had the blessings of the US and other Western nations to use chemicals weapons on the Iranian and his own Kurd civilians to kill several thousands without any accountability. 

The UNO and other international agencies are simply spectators and issue paper-based statements and no military action to stop a monster killing the innocent people. The Geneva Convention Related to the Protection of Civilian Persons in time of War (Geneva IV) states clearly “willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health” as a grave breach, which constitutes a war crime. Do the contemporary holy warmongers think that the mankind is shortsighted of its own history or do they believe that it can be forced to believe the unholy virtue of the only left-over superpower to have the divine right to impose its own will over others. Since 2001 in Afghanistan and subsequently, in 2003 Iraq war, the United States and Britain had free hand to use cluster bombs and other prohibited weapons against the civilian population in both countries. It is widely known across the globe that the United States used cluster bombs, depleted uranium, and white phosphorous gas. Cluster bomb canisters have been used containing tiny bomb lets, which could engulf large segments of the population and areas. In Iraq and Afghanistan children have been affected and killed by the unexploded and left-over cluster bombs resulting in serious injuries and psychological scars for ages. It is well known that depleted uranium (DU) weapons spread high levels of radiation over vast areas of human habitats. Many Western analysts and reporters have given eye-witness accounts of sharp increase in health related problems and serious birth defects due to the use of depleted uranium in Iraq. 

After the US led bogus War on Terrorism, there is a frightening trend in crime explosion against the innocent humanity worldwide. The Arab Middle East and other Muslim countries are no exception. Despite moral and intellectual capacity, nobody takes up the initiatives at conflict management and crisis management. Leaders appear more of insane egoistic character than peacemakers. They are unmindful of the consequences of their own vicious thought and priorities simply to double the imagery of popularity number games. If the United States and its European allies go ahead to strike on Syria and its chemical stock warehouses,customized letter logo formalofficdresses with magnet. the resulting casualties will be more of civilians than the official parts of the authoritarian regime in Syria. The question is, what would such a belligerent strike achieve in short-long terms to help the global community to avoid future mishaps? For over a decade, in Iraq, Afghanistan and its spill-over into North-West Pakistan, millions and millions of people have been victimized by the US failing war strategy. How would the US and its European allies achieve any solid aim of stopping the bloodbaths in Syria? 

Over the years, lots of show and tell political talks are reported between the warring parties in Syria. There is no surety Assad regime will go away as it is not the strategic goal of the Western nations. Peace-making is not the ultimate aim and rational goal of any nations involved in the Middle East political turmoil. The Arab leaders are themselves devoid of any power or political role-play to sort out their own self-generated misfortunes and crises of time and history.This is a basic background on drycabinet. None of the Arab leader could come to the global political arena and justify their credibility in any sense of the political affairs and legitimacy of the governance. All have been groomed and grown out of the colonial match-fixing of the tribal history and European domination of the region. For more than half of a century,We Engrave chinatravel for YOU. there is no concerted efforts to change the neo-colonialism into a democratic system of people’s governance envisaged by Islam and its principles. Today’s Arab world is a hub of despotism, political cruelty and coming of an unthinkable future of political upheavals. If Egypt was evolving in the shape of civility and people’s run system of new democracy under President Morsy, the hope is stalled by the belligerent interests of the Western nations to encourage military intervention and impose deaths and destruction on the Egyptian masses. Unknown and uncertain as it appears to be, who will gain out of the miseries and killings of the Egyptian society. The emerging dreadful scenes of military barbarity- gassed massacres of people in Syria, killings in the streets of Cairo and daily bomb blasts in Iraq against the people should invite the Arab thinkers and intellectuals to reflect on the current affairs - what is going wrong and how could they imagine and articulate an action plan out of imposed neo-colonial system of governance of the few? 

The drums of war are beating again. No one can imagine that if America makes a war-like strike on Syria, it will help the people of Syria to find a peaceful solution of the crisis. There is no impetus for peacemaking and conflict resolution. Then what is the rationality of talking in-between when Assad regime in Syria and the General Seisi in Egypt are actively killing the masses without any challenge. Do the dictators ever listen to voices of REASON? All the Arab authoritarian rulers enjoy the protection of the US and other European leaders for their own self- interest and continued supply of oil. President Obama and his European friends policies they pursue do not aim at conflict resolution in Syria or peacemaking elsewhere. They need more war-like opportunities to acquire domineering influence more than what they already have to manage direct control over all the Arab countries.The feeder is available on drying beddinges equipped with folder only. This policy should be befitting to the American war economy and Israel’s additional capacity-building for supremacy in the region. Undoubtedly, the Arab people and countries are the net losers on all the fronts. Would a war on war make any difference? How could you burn something that is already burnt? How could you stop a fire with a fire? If there were any global moral, spiritual and intellectual powerhouses, they should have taken initiatives to find peaceful ways and means to end the authoritarian hostilities and massacres of the innocent civilians. The history speaks loud and clear that few powerful rulers with individualistic absolutism and most often, mentally retarded persons have always driven the mankind to large scale slaughters, victimization, deprivation and long term scars of why and how it happened, it never goes away from the written pages of human history.

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