Kennedy Space Center opens off-limits

Open to the public for the first time in more than 30 years, the VAB Tour provides visitors a look inside the 525-foot-tall structure – one of the largest buildings in the world – where the Apollo rockets and space shuttles were assembled. The Launch Control Center Tour allows guests inside the Firing Room, where NASA directors and engineers supervised all of the launches for the space shuttle and Apollo programs. For the first time in the 50-year history of Kennedy Space Center, the Launch Pad Tour takes visitors to one of the launch pads from which the space shuttles and Saturn V moon rockets were launched.

On Thursday, Dec. 27, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex unveiled the first phase of improvements designed to dramatically enhance the guest experience. Those visiting during the holiday season will be among the very first to experience the attraction’s brand new $16 million entry. The enhancements are part of a 10-year Master Plan developed by Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex concessionaire, Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts,We are pleased to offer the following list of professional mold maker and casters. in partnership with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

The new entry includes a grand plaza and fountain; ticket stations and self-service kiosks; will call, guest services and information stations; a retail shop; and a restaurant.

“We are eager to reveal to our guests the first stage in an array enhancements that create for them a more meaningful, purposeful and enjoyable experience at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex,” said Bill Moore, Chief Operating Officer. “The changes to our entrance and ticket plaza, along with our new Voyagers retail shop and Rocket Garden Café, are just the initial elements in a comprehensive plan. Next we unveil the new home for space shuttle Atlantis, which is already well under way for a scheduled opening in July 2013.”

The new entrance draws guests from the parking lot into a grand entry plaza where they are greeted by a brand new, first-ever 3D representation of the NASA insignia that spans 13 feet in diameter. To the right of the globe stands a majestic 75-foot-long fountain that pays homage to the dreams of late President John F. Kennedy, for whom NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is named. Kennedy’s face, along with a quote from his famous 1962 “moon speech” at Rice University, are laser etched onto a skyward-reaching arch of blue granite that stands 30-feet at its highest point. The inscription reads, “For the eyes of the world now look into space, to the moon and to the planets beyond…” The 5,000-gallon fountain is spectacularly lit in the evenings with LED lights and features 26 jets of water that can be programmed to create inspiring light shows for guests as they exit the park or during evening special events or exhibitions.

Purchasing admission tickets will now be a quicker, more efficient process for guests thanks to a complete redesign of the ticket stations. Two separate stations feature six ticket windows each and now offer a “fair cueing” system to direct the next guest in line to the next available window. Digital screens within each station’s covered cue provide descriptions of tour options and prices to help guests make informed choices. Those who wish to bypass the regular ticket lines may purchase directly from one of six self-service ticket kiosks, and guests who have purchased tickets in advance may proceed directly to a dedicated new Will Call station. The ticket areas were designed to inspire and excite guests about the journey that awaits them, and are covered in brilliantly colored tiles to depict selected planets including Earth and Jupiter.

Farther along the plaza, a brand new 2,500-square-foot Voyagers retail shop invites guests to make a last-minute purchase before heading to their vehicle and allows those who wish only to shop to do so without purchasing an admission ticket. Inspiration is the theme in Voyagers, where bold graphics depict the progress of the American space program since the 1950s and challenge guests to “Dream Bigger.” Above the check-out area, a 18-foot in diameter glass light fixture modeled after Mars offers an artistic interpretation of the Red Planet.

Beyond the ticket plaza, guests’ excitement and anticipation build as they pass through a covered archway where they are boldly invited in six-foot-tall, blue letters to “EXPLORE.” In the near distance, views of towering rockets in the Rocket Garden, representing early space exploration, beckon guests to get an up-close look at these sleek yet incredibly powerful vehicles.

Following the new outdoor security checkpoint and turnstiles, visitors may stop in at the new guest services area to the right of the plaza to pick up audio guides in English and six other languages, purchase additional tours or upgrade to an annual pass. Wheelchairs and strollers are available at a new information counter located near the existing exhibit, Early Space Exploration.The oreck XL professional air purifier,

As guests continue their way into the park,Largest gemstone beads and jewelry making supplies at wholesale prices. they may notice two cobbled or slightly bumpy strips running on either side of the paved walkway. This symbolic pathway is made of authentic “crawler rock”— the very same Tennessee river rock that lines Kennedy Space Center’s crawler way to support the massive weight of NASA’s nearly 3,000-ton crawler-transporter, the behemoth vehicle used to carry launch vehicles such as Apollo/Saturn V rockets and space shuttles from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pads. The walkway marks the beginning of the “Vapor Trail,” a path named for the plume of steam that follows a rocket upon ascent. The Vapor Trail will be extended in further phases of development to provide visitors with a more deliberate path to guide them through the park’s main attractions.

The first stage of enhancements also includes the new outdoor Rocket Garden Café which was designed in the retro style of the 1950s and 1960s as a nod to the early days of space exploration — the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. Bright green and chartreuse tiles evoke a “garden” feel amidst the rockets of polished steel, while covered outdoor seating provides protection from the elements along with an uninterrupted view of the surrounding landscape. An all-new menu appeals to global tastes with diverse items such as Conch Fritters, Asian Chicken Salad with Honey Lime Vinaigrette, Chicken Empanadas or Beef Croquettes with Spicy Tomato Sauce, and Mediterranean Flat Bread Pizza. Even staples such as French Fries take on a more sophisticated air in the Seasoned Fries with Chorizo & Blue Cheese.High quality stone mosaic tiles.

Work on the entry was completed in partnership with Whiting-Turner Contracting Company,The oreck XL professional air purifier, construction management; PGAV Destinations, design management; Freeport Fountains, fountain contractor; Electrosonic, audio/video contractor; and Birdair, Inc., fabric canopy contractor.

The next stage of the Visitor Complex’s 10-year Master Plan includes the opening of a $100 million, 90,000-square foot exhibit to showcase space shuttle Atlantis and celebrate the 30-year space shuttle program as a stepping stone to future space endeavors. The opening is slated for July 2013.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex features many attractions and year-round interactive programs, including meeting real astronauts. The standard bus tour, included with admission, explores the history of the Apollo moon and space shuttle programs with panoramic views of Kennedy Space Center, the VAB’s exterior and a stop at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, where visitors see an authentic 363-foot Saturn V moon rocket and relive the historic Apollo missions that saw man land on the moon.

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Retro girlie look in a quiet corner of Old Montreal

It was. I hadn’t really intended to move, but a friend told me about this place because some people he knew were moving out. It’s one of the few rentals left in this area of Old Montreal.High quality mold making Videos teaches anyone how to make molds. They’re tearing them all down and turning them into condominiums. It’s very cheap. I pay only $530 a month.

Having to downsize actually forced me to get rid of some of the furniture I’d brought with me from Saskatchewan. A lot of what you see here (she indicates the turquoise covered sofa and an armchair) are hand-me-downs or things I’ve picked up at St. Vincent de Paul. I paid $25 for chair and $50 for the couch. I’ve just had it re-covered.

(To illustrate her point, she shows me her camera collection,Our technology gives rtls systems developers the ability. neatly arranged,The term 'hands free access control' means the token that identifies a user is read from within a pocket or handbag. with one old film camera on top of the other, on a CD rack. MacPherson is an accomplished photographer and her work, along with that of artist friends, hangs on the walls. We walk into her long, narrow kitchen.We have a wide selection of dry cabinet to choose from for your storage needs. Her office space is at one end. A door to a terrace, “big enough for a barbecue” is at the other. In the kitchen, more of her collections — a row of vintage cocktail shakers and aquamarine glass containers.)

I notice you’ve used a lot of blues and greens in your decor. Are those your favourite colours?

Those and shocking pink. (She shows me the tiny bathroom, which has fuchsia walls and two bright pink gnomes, perched atop the toilet.) A friend gave these to me. I could do with a bigger bathtub, but the water pressure is great. That’s not always the case in older buildings.

His name is Mack. He’s a schnauzer and because he’s a German breed, I decided to name him after Kurt Weill’s Mack the Knife. That’s another great thing about living in this area. There are lots of places to walk him along the Lachine Canal.

Also, I’m so handy to everything. When I lived in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, friends used to remark that I lived so far away. I didn’t agree because it took me only 30 minutes to cycle downtown. (She still has a bike, leaning up against the bottom of the stairs to her apartment.) Living here, so close to downtown, I can see they were probably right.

It needed a complete makeover. My parents helped me renovate. We put in a laminate floor in the living area, painted the walls and doors and my dad — he’s very handy — modified the kitchen cabinets. The floor in the living room was all square tiles covered in some kind of ship’s varnish. It was a real “manly man” decor. I prefer a retro, girlie look!

Before my dad redesigned the cabinets, they were really high. He actually cut one of them in half so that I could fit the fridge underneath. All in all, we probably spent about $3,000.

It probably dates back to around the late 19th century. It has a colourful history. There are seven apartments within the block and they’re cut into really weird shapes. I’ve heard from a couple of sources that the building may at one time have been a brothel!

One of the apartments has a sweeping staircase, which could have been where the Madame paraded the girls. We’re so close to the harbour — lots of sailors — and near what was once Montreal’s first prison for women.

Perhaps more interesting is the personal collection that was reserved for the seacoast retreat that is now a permanent repository for museum-quality maritime art, Civil War naval maps, Revolutionary War letters from the North Carolina signers of
the Declaration of Independence, first edition North Carolina history books plus scrimshaw, earthenware pottery and more decorative accessories that resonate with meaning for the lifetime steward.

All have found a new address in one of Wrightsvilles bedroom communities overlooking the skyline of the tiny beach town from a top berth above the Intracoastal Waterway. On a clear day its possible to see the southern tip of Masonboro Island from the window hanging above the kitchen sink.

The three-bedroom condominium floorplan is simple. The kitchen gives way to a small dining area that adjoins the living room. Both areas open to a terrace anchored at its southern edge by a Carrara marble urn purchased from the Palm Beach estate of Bernie Madoff. Italian tiles cover the terrace floor. Cushioned outdoor wicker settees and chairs surround conversation tables and a few well placed conversation pieces, like the 1850 confit pot and an 18th century walnut oil vessel.

Sliding glass doors separate the terrace from the living room appointed with built-in display cases. One is a showcase for English Delft.Our technology gives rtls systems developers the ability. The tin glaze pottery is rarer than its Dutch namesake. This particular assemblage includes 1690 King William and Mary Regina chargers. The large 14-inch decorative plates bear the portraits of the king and queen of England who reigned from 1689 until 1702.

The regents portrait chargers are flanked by German Westerwald jugs, scrimshaw clock hutches and a 1720 English Delft bowl from Bristol, a locale, like London, well known for its Delft earthenware.

Making way for the display of more antiquities, a chase located along the living rooms interior wall allowed the addition of French doors leading into the entrance hall. This underutilized space allows the housing for the collection of scrimshaw made from whale teeth and bones.

Out at sea, when whalers were bored they whittled and engraved keepsakes called scrimshaw for their wives and children. This display includes a childs teething ring and ball, clothespins, corkscrews, a comb, a toy spinning wheel, a yarn caddy, rolling pin, pie dough crimper and a device that strapped on a sailors belt holds needles for sail mending.

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Cracks in houses 'due to nearby project'

The unsightly cracks that have formed over the past few months along the walls of Mr Jesudoss Susai's 24-year-old home have left a gaping hole in the retiree's plans. "I wanted to sell my house last year, but after this, I told the agent to put a stop to the sale," the 83-year-old said.

Mr Susai is among a group of residents off Sembawang Road whose houses have been plagued by large cracks - as wide as 15mm - on ceilings and walls, broken floor tiles and uneven driveways.

Residents have blamed the damage on the construction of a nearby three-storey development of commercial and residential units that began around November last year. Of the 35 landed homes in Jalan Legundi, Jalan Derum and Sembong Road, 17 are understood to have been affected.

Speaking to The Straits Times yesterday, residents said they had raised their grievances individually with developer Kwang Lee Hang when they began noticing the damage in May. They said it has been doing short-term repairs and measuring the size of cracks that have continued to resurface. The firm could not be reached for comment yesterday.Interlocking security cable ties with 250 pound strength makes this ideal for restraining criminals.

"They came to repair our house before, and they said they would do another before Chinese New Year," said retiree Chong Lim Seung, 82, who lives with his wife and daughter in Jalan Legundi.

Mr Susai's house, a single-storey landed property on the same road, has been repaired three times, but the cracks have continued to appear.

A report given to residents by the developer's engineers deemed the affected homes structurally sound. The damage at Mr Chong's house was "most probably attributed" to it settling on poor ground conditions, causing cracks to appear over the years.

The report added that this settlement "could have accelerated" over the past month due to the lowering of underground water levels, which causes the ground below these houses to shift.

Associate Professor Susanto Teng of Nanyang Technological University's School of Civil and Environmental Engineering said that while such damage "should not be a usual thing", pre-empting such occurrences is "not something missed out" by developers and contractors.Find detailed product information for howo tractor and other products. "When they excavate they need to construct a support system to ensure ground movement is minimised," he added.

Sudanese authorities eventually managed to capture five men, believed to be belonging to the Islamic militant group Ansar al-Tawhid, and charged them with the killing of Granville and his driver.

Their names were Mohamed Makkawi, Abdel-Basit Haj al-Hassan, Mohannad Osman Youssef, Abdel-Ra'uf Abu-Zaid Mohamed Hamza and Murad Abdel-Rahman Abdullah.

Except for Abdullah a Sudanese court sentenced all the defendants to death by hanging in 2009. But the four managed to escape in June 2010 from Kober Federal prison under mysterious circumstances. Police at the time said that the prisoners used sewer pipes to flee.

Later it was revealed that the government re-arrested Hamza while the family of Youssef said he was killed in Somalia without giving details.Manufactures flexible plastic and synthetic rubber hose tubing,

Many observers questioned how this could be possible given the tight security surrounding the facility from the inside and outside in addition to surveillance cameras installed. Some have went as far as accusing the government of facilitating their escape.

The YouTube video produced by a group calling itself 'Al-Hijratain for Media production' explained in extensive details how the runaway was planned and executed.

A substantial portion of the 41-minute video was filmed from inside the prison in broad daylight raising questions about the level of security the prisoners were subject to.

When Sandy’s storm surge reached the house on the night of Oct. 29, “we were upstairs,” she recounted. She went downstairs to fetch vodka for her husband, who was experiencing chest pains, and discovered that “the ocean was in our living room.” Looking outside, she saw “my car on the front steps, and my husband’s car swimming away from us.”

“We have nowhere to move,” she said. “We restored the heat and hot water – our daughter’s college fund went towards it. We have to survive the winter. But how long can we pay our mortgage, and our heat and electric bills?” she asked, noting the extra cost of running dehumidifiers. She was particularly irked when Consolidated Edison added $38 to the monthly bill for “restoration.”

The two-story house is a wreck, but “we need to get back here. It’s not just a house, it’s a home,” he said.Posts with indoor tracking system on TRX Systems develops systems that locate and track personnel indoors. Muzio has flood insurance, and is waiting to hear from the company before he can approach FEMA for help, he explained.

Sandy flooded the ground floor kitchen and living room, and brought water “three tiles from the top of this little roof, and we had two feet of water upstairs,” where four bedrooms are located, he said.

Muzio took out a loan from his 401K to pay for $10,000 worth of mold remediation, he said, noting that the city’s Rapid Repairs program — now working on the plumbing and electricity — would not enter the home until the mold issue was resolved at his own expense.

In fact, few areas of the country feature as many examples of bipartisan problem-solving as this region, from air quality to technology and trade policy. The combination of population growth, immigration and increase of independent voters have made election outcomes in Riverside and San Bernardino counties prone to change and unpredictable. These factors have tended to reward leaders skilled in forging alliances and making deals.

An enduring role model in this mold was George Brown, a Democrat who represented the area in Congress from 1973 to 1999. Brown, a liberal first elected to the House from a district in Los Angeles 50 years ago,Quickparts builds injection molds using aluminum or steel to meet your program. was no centrist and no chameleon when it came to campaigning. Nor did he hide his colors on Capitol Hill, holding the first hearing on global warming more than 36 years ago and championing women's equality and right to choose throughout his career.

In fact, few areas of the country feature as many examples of bipartisan problem-solving as this region, from air quality to technology and trade policy. The combination of population growth, immigration and increase of independent voters have made election outcomes in Riverside and San Bernardino counties prone to change and unpredictable. These factors have tended to reward leaders skilled in forging alliances and making deals.

An enduring role model in this mold was George Brown, a Democrat who represented the area in Congress from 1973 to 1999. Brown, a liberal first elected to the House from a district in Los Angeles 50 years ago, was no centrist and no chameleon when it came to campaigning. Nor did he hide his colors on Capitol Hill, holding the first hearing on global warming more than 36 years ago and championing women's equality and right to choose throughout his career.

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