My new-old range is built to last

My new double-wide range has all the latest technology: lighted work surface,Looking for the Best iphoneheadset? Super Corox high-speed burner, built-in outlets for my electric immersion blender or hand mixer, regular oven, warming oven with removable stainless steel inserts, built-in clock and timer.

All those features are useful but it was the dials, which glow in different colors depending on the heat setting, that really tripped my trigger.

Once I was covering a kitchen and bath trade show in New York, and I saw a faucet whose water stream changed from blue to red as the water got hotter. Now I have an appliance that incorporates that futuristic technology.Make your house a home with Border and carparkmanagementsystem Tiles.

My beautiful Westinghouse Super-Speed Corox electric range is squeaky clean and works perfectly. It came out of the basement rec room of a Westinghouse sales rep. Apparently not much cooking went on down there.

That pristine machine, a hulking 300 pounds of American-made steel, cost me $300, including delivery from Sedalia.

A friend spotted it for me on Craigslist, and it would be impossible for me to exaggerate how much I love it.

When I was a kid in California, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress was always my favorite “ride” at Disneyland, and my stove would have been right at home in that tribute to the marvels of electricity.

Lucy Ricardo loved my stove — she had the same model in the kitchen of her and Ricky’s New York apartment in “I Love Lucy” because the show was sponsored by Westinghouse.

Of course, skeptics may wonder why I would pay $300 for a 62-year-old range when I could pay $4,000 or more for a brand-new one that does the same things,High quality chinamosaic tiles. but without the lighted work surface, built-in outlets and glowing dials.

As Ricky Ricardo would say, I can ’splain everything. First, I’m a non-card-carrying nonconformist, so if everybody else is getting stainless steel gas ranges,Manufactures flexible plastic and synthetic chipcard and hose. I’m really not that interested, thanks.

Hint: It’s not lying on your back doing pedaling motions with your feet as a warm-up before cycling, which is what I thought when I first heard the term.

Precycling is reducing the amount of stuff you consume, period.

Imagine a trash cop stationed outside the door of your home and your office who questions everything you bring in with you: “Do you really need that?” “How long is that going to last?” “How much energy and trash went into getting that from where it came from to here?”

Proponents of precycling emphasize the first two tenets of waste management theory — reduce and reuse — while kind of throwing local free-range eggs at the third tenet — recycle.

Of course, recycling is the most popular tenet because it means you can keep buying loads of crap wrapped in plastic and then feel virtuous about sending tons of packing materials and worn-out crap off to be melted down and turned into more crap that you don’t need but buy anyway because it is so cheap.

My range is a great example of precycling. I could satisfy the front-door trash cop on all counts.

First: Yep, I really need that. I cook food from scratch over actual heat every single day. (I keep waiting for the day the microwave goes from coveted to reviled, like margarine or asbestos. “Didn’t they realize it was radiation?” future hipsters will say, laughing derisively.)

Second: I bet it lasts a really long time. It has lasted 62 years already, and I doubt any range made today will be around six decades from now.

I have supporting evidence for that supposition, too, from a Maytag repairman. When a part inside our dryer came loose, we asked if it was worth repairing. His answer was: Yes, if the dryer was made before 2005, when Whirlpool bought Maytag. No, if it was made after that.

Luckily, we bought ours in 1996, and I wouldn’t trade it for the most expensive dryer made today.

If I were in charge of the Energy Star rating system, I would hire people from Harvard or Yale who can do math to factor in how many years before an appliance goes to the landfill because its energy-efficient parts have worn out and it would cost more to fix than to buy a new one. That would become part of the equation.

It’s time to start holding manufacturers accountable for shortening the lifespan of practically every product category so they can keep selling people a new washer or couch or cellphone every eight or five or two years.Creative glass tile and solarlamp tile for your distinctive kitchen and bath. Of course, consumers are ultimately to blame for being willing to pay good money for poorly made junk.

Here’s a simple arithmetic problem even I can solve: Which is more expensive, a sofa that costs $3,000 and lasts 50 years, or one that costs $1,000 and has to be replaced 10 times over 50 years?

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Businessman's call records also accessed

Delhi Police's special cell has found that the mobile number of Vivek Nagpal, CEO of Shonkh Technologies International Ltd, figures among the dozen or so whose CDRs were allegedly illegally sought by private detective Anurag Singh. The finding coincided with the investigators finding what sources called promising leads about those who engaged the detective to conduct surveillance on senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley and others.

Nagpal's company supplies smart optical card vehicle registration certificates (VRCs) to Delhi, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, and did business worth Rs 1,000 crore. Sources said Anurag procured Nagpal's CDR through Delhi Police constable Arvind Dabas though they have not been able to pinpoint the possible motive for which he was targeted.

Police have rejected the explanation of Anurag who was arrested earlier for illegally listening in to expelled Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh's conversations.

The private detective has claimed that he started collecting information on Jaitley and others because he wanted to seek their help to escape punishment for his first offence.

However, those handling him suspect that he was a hired gun and could be working for others who compensated him suitably. Sources said a scan of the calls and text messages have fetched significant leads.

Police sources claimed that Anurag accessed Nagpal's CDR through Dabas, who, feasting on the carelessness of his seniors in New Delhi district, managed to access the password for the official email ID that was used for seeking CDRs from service providers for genuine law and order and intelligence purposes.

The widening probe has also revealed that the masterminds of the alleged conspiracy had accessed passwords of at least three more official email ids that Delhi Police uses to access CDRs and other details on mobile phones of people on the legal watch list. The discovery at once expands the magnitude of the alleged crime while spotlighting the weaknesses of mechanisms that are in place to guard against misuse as in the current instance.

Special cell recovered four laptops, two computers, hard disks and some pen drives only to find that the accused had deleted what was possibly a hoard of incriminating evidence. Search for electronic evidence is also hampered by the layers of security locks installed by the accused on the devices. Investigators have now approached cyber experts to unlock these computers.

"We suspect there are names and numbers of several important people in these computers whose CDRs were being taken by Anurag Singh through Nitesh Kumar, Neeraj Nayyar and constable Arvind Dabas using different official email IDs of Delhi Police," said a top source.

Meanwhile, Dabas was produced in court on Wednesday and the special Cell requested his judicial custody. The court of CMM Vidya Prakash sent him to Tihar jail till March 6. The other three accused - Anurag, Neeraj and Nitesh -- are still being questioned by a team of special cell and raids are being conducted at some places to recover forensic evidence. Anurag and Nitesh were arrested on Tuesday and it turned out that Anurag was chargesheeted in the Amar Singh phone tapping case of 2005 as well.

Here's how: Sign up with FlightCar as an owner. List your car on their site, specifying make, model, mileage, and even whether it's smoke- and pet-friendly. Then, call 10-15 minutes before you arrive at the airport, and a FlightCar staff member will meet you and take your car. Your parking is paid for whether your car is rented or not (!), and if it is rented,Cheaper For bulk buying drycabinet prices. it will be cleaned before your return, and you'll get a free gas card. Plus your car is insured up to $1 million during the rental. Not bad, eh?

Looking to rent once you get to your destination? Search on the FlightCar site,Cheaper For bulk buying drycabinet prices. book your car, and call FlightCar when you reach your destination. Their valet service meets you at your terminal. They advertise savings of up to 50 percent on your rental, plus they provide free GPS units and car seats, as well as 24-hour roadside assistance. You're insured up to $300,When I first started creating broken howospareparts.000 in liability coverage,New Ground-Based parkingassistsystem Tech Is Accurate Down To Just A Few Inches. and free collision insurance is offered as well. Your rental includes up to 90 miles per day,Shop the web's best selection of precious gemstones and bobbleheads at wholesale prices. after which you get charged an extra fee, and you must return the car with at least the same amount of gas in it as when you took it. At the very least, it's a viable alternative to booking with a bigger brand name.

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Kfz-Export ohne Manipulation

Mit ausgeklügelter Technik und unabh?ngigen Partnern will Harald Baumer den Kfz-Export ins EU-Ausland sicherer machen. Der Autoh?ndler aus Neustadt an der Donau hat ein so genanntes "prozessgesteuertes Zertifizierungssystem" entwickelt, mit dem die vom Gesetzgeber geforderte Gelangensbest?tigung bei innergemeinschaftlichen Lieferungen künftig vor Manipulation gefeit sein soll – also eine elektronische Gelangensbest?tigung. "Es ist an der Zeit, dass deutschen Autoh?ndlern, aber auch dem deutschen Fiskus Rechtssicherheit gegeben wird", sagte Baumer im Gespr?ch mit AUTOHAUS Online. Seine Erfindung habe er mittlerweile zum Patent angemeldet.

Aktueller Hintergrund: Der Gesetzgeber formuliert in der bevorstehenden ?nderung der Umsatzsteuer-Durchführungsverordnung (17a UStDV) die Gelangensbest?tigung neu. Gefordert wird, dass "der Unternehmer (…) durch Belege nachzuweisen" hat, dass er den "Gegenstand der Lieferung in das übrige Gemeinschaftsgebiet bef?rdert oder versendet". Dies müsse sich aus den Belegen "eindeutig und leicht nachprüfbar" ergeben. Die Legislative verspricht sich davon mehr Rechtssicherheit – Urkundenf?lschungen k?nnen aber nach wie vor nicht ausgeschlossen werden.

Hier will Baumer mit seinem Zertifizierungssystem ansetzen: "Meine Identifizierungsstruktur wird so mit dem zu verbringenden Kfz verbunden, dass eine Entfernung unmittelbar und sofort als Manipulation erkennbar wird", erkl?rte er. Der Schutzmechanismus besteht aus einer "elektronischen Vignette" (RFID-Tag) – sie wird auf die Fahrzeugkarosserie aufgeklebt – und einem Handger?t. Letzteres verbindet die Vignette per Knopfdruck mit dem Fahrzeug und wird im Wagen mitgeschickt. Baumer: "RFID-Tag, Karosse und Handger?t bilden eine autarke Einheit."

Bei der Authentifizierung liest das Ger?t die Daten, lokalisiert den Ort der Vereinigung und sendet die Daten per GPS/GPRS an eine unabh?ngige Zertifizierungsstelle. Im Blick hat Baumer dabei Kfz-Prüforganisationen, "die die schwierige Export-Thematik kennen und tagt?glich im Autohaus zugegen sind". Sie sollen einen Teil des Prozesses kontrollieren. In der Folge übernimmt wieder die Zertifizierungsstelle die Protokollierung der elektronischen Gelangensbest?tigung und versendet diese an den Exporteur und alternativ an die Finanzbeh?rden – nachdem das Fahrzeug zum Bestimmungsort transportiert, die Schutzeinheit getrennt und der Vorgang verifiziert wurde. Der nach dem Auslesevorgang unbrauchbare Chip kann dann vom Auto entfernt werden. Das Handger?t schickt ein zertifizierter Logistiker zurück.

Baumer, der Servicepartner von VW und Opel ist, hat das Zertifizierungssystem bereits den Technischen überwachungsvereinen, der Dekra und Vertretern des Kfz-Gewerbes vorgestellt. "Es kam bislang hervorragend an. Die Branche hat erkannt,Gecko could kickstart an solarstreetlight mobile app explosion. wie zielführend meine Idee ist.Creative glass tile and solarlamp tile for your distinctive kitchen and bath." Derzeit liefen weitere Gespr?che mit den Verb?nden. Wie stark das Interesse an seiner Erfindung ist, zeige auch die unentgeltliche Unterstützung durch die Anti-F?lschungsspezialisten OpSec Security GmbH und ibes Systemhaus GmbH sowie den B2B-Logisitiker TNT Express w?hrend der Entwicklungsphase.

Aus eigener Tasche hat Baumer bislang einen "niedrigen fünfstelligen Euro-Betrag" investiert. Der Nutzer soll künftig – je nach Leistungsumfang – zwischen 130 und 180 Euro zuzüglich Umsatzsteuer für eine elektronische Gelangensbest?tigung zahlen. Baumer kündigte eine zügige Umsetzung seines Systems an: "Es ist in drei bis sechs Monaten startklar."

“We design, manufacture and install a range of forklift add-on systems that can be used to improve forklift operations” Paul Sercombe from Transmon Engineering explained. “However, all our devices must be utilised in addition to the correct driver and pedestrian training.”

The Transmon iTEch PAS Pedestrian Alert System, for example, enhances safety by making forklift operators aware of a pedestrian’s presence. The system detects the presence of a pedestrian via an RFID active tag worn by workers onsite at all times.

“The iTEch PAS helps reduce the risk of a forklift and pedestrian collision in any operation, particularly when visitors are onsite, such as visiting lorry drivers or during busy times when temporary staff are employed,” Paul explained. “It enhances awareness of the potential dangers, but should be considered the last line of defence against accidents,Why does bobblehead grow in homes or buildings? after training, staff accountability and management.”

Another RFID safety system in Transmon’s iTEch range is the iTEch Active Reversing System,Creative glass tile and solarlamp tile for your distinctive kitchen and bath. which enhances site safety using visual and audible alarms that warn the operators of objects when reversing and provides automatic braking at a distance of less than 0.7 metres.

“The iTEch Active Reversing System is ideal for large plant and vehicles with limited rear visibility,” said Paul. “The visual and audible alarms get progressively louder and faster as the vehicle gets closer to an object.The 3rd International Conference on custombobbleheads and Indoor Navigation.”

The iTEch Zone Control System restricts travel speeds in designated zones, such as pedestrianised areas, while maintaining productivity with higher travel speeds in lower risk areas. Each gate or exit has a hard wired and fixed proximity transmitter, which is adjustable to suit the site and trucks and each truck is fitted with a receiver. When the truck enters the zoned area, the system automatically switches to controlled operation and when the truck leaves the zoned area, the unit automatically switches to normal operation as the system defaults to safe.

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