How to Use Technology to Get You Out of It

You want to be happy. Hearing it sounds so cliche. Saying it out loud conjures up images of you turning into Stuart Smalley (from Saturday Night Live), stating your daily affirmations: "I am entitled to my share of happiness. I'm good enough, and, doggonit, people like me!" 

This question makes you self-reflect. Most of your ducks are in a row. You even have moments when you see yourself as self-assured. It's not like you are depressed. You've just had your share of challenges as of late. 

The problem is you're realizing that shopping therapy, chocolate binges, or happy hours aren't really solving your problems either. In fact, when the credit card bill comes, or the extra pounds pile on, or you are stuck with another hangover, you come to the realization that you really feel like sh*t! 

You know that if you would stop doing the above actions you would most likely feel better. So you hit the gym, get back to a healthy lifestyle, and hide your credit card. Yet, week after week, or sometimes day after day, you find yourself turning to the same self-soothers that numb you out in the short-term but in the long-term do nothing for you. That's when you start to question: "Am I unhappy or just having a series of bad days?" 

The reality is that your unhappiness is leading you to have consistently bad days. How do I know? Besides being trained as a psychotherapist and life coach,saxobankcycling I have personally been there. I know what it is like to be clinically depressed (if you are worried that's you, go to the National Institute of Mental Health for more information). 

What I didn't expect was that my life after therapy would still lead to days where I still felt like sh*t! My life actually appeared to be on the up and up. The parts of my life that I thought would bring me happiness were coming to fruition. I had finally started to check off what I thought were the most important ingredients to having a good life. 

You may be an excellent listener to your best friend, partner, boss, siblings, or parents. The problem is you have no idea how to listen to you. What is really going on inside you? How do you really feel? 

I get why you don't want to listen to how your feelings. There is too much shame, judgment, and mistrust toward your emotions. We've been told, "don't be sad." Plus, you automatically feel like a total b*tch when you get angry or feel jealous. Good people don't feel that way, right? Wrong! But because you've been taught to believe that certain emotions aren't good, you learn to hide from them. What you don't realize is when you hide from your feelings, you are also hiding a very significant part of who you are. The more this part of you gets tucked safely away within you, the harder it is for you to hear your authentic self. 

Even though you may think you don't like being the victim whatsoever, we all like being the victim. Here's why: As the victim, you get to blame others for your problems. You get to feel like the martyr, rather than take responsibility for your part. You get to stay in the fantasy that someday you'll be rescued. The bottom line is that being the victim feels safer because you can stay small. The smaller you feel, the less likely you are to be hurt again. Being the victim gives you an easy out as to why you can't step into your truth, your authentic self and your greatness. 

The problem is that being the victim creates a very dull life. You can only be the victim for so long until life becomes seriously boring. I mean, how many times can you repeat the same song and dance as to why your life sucks before you are willing to go do something about it despite what wrongdoings have occurred to you? 

You are afraid to be yourself. On some level, in some area of your life, being you somehow isn't enough. You are convinced you aren't good enough, smart enough, lovable enough... and the list goes on and on. In other words, you believe that in order to be able to get what you really want, you have to become better, smarter, more lovable, etc. The result is you aren't really being you. 

When I realized I felt like a fraud, I freaked out. I screamed, swore, and had a good old fashioned meltdown, with snot and mascara running down my face. I decided I was done. No more psychotherapy.We have a wide selection of handsfreeaccess to choose from for your storage needs. No more life coaching. No more anything.A fridgemagnet is a plastic card that has a computer chip implanted into it that enables the card. As much as it terrified me, this admission ultimately liberated me. 

The good news is that each of these mistakes are present to liberate us. They are an indicator that life has become stale, like week-old bread. You need to mix up your energy to prevent life from becoming moldy because when the mold sets in, the depression sets in. So before that bad mood becomes a permanent fixture in your life, let's learn how to shake up your energy to shift your bad mood to good. All you need is pen, paper, and your cell phone. 

First, I want you to pick out a song that fits with the mood you are in. What song will let you go deeper into those feelings? Sinead's "Nothing Compares to You"? The Beatles song "Yesterday"? REM's "Everybody Hurts"? Press play and set the alarm to go off in five minutes. During that time, give yourself permission to rant unfiltered onto your paper. As soon as the alarm goes off, stop. 

Second, pick out a song that makes you feel unstoppable. Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire"? Going old school with Gloria Gainer's "I Will Survive"? How about Whitney's "I'm Every Woman"? Then give yourself another five minutes on the clock and unleash your empowered self. What does your boldness want you to do about what has made you upset? 

Third, commit to following through on the inspired action you received when you were unstoppable. Set a date in your calendar in which you will complete your inspired action. Seal your commitment with a song that is about you stepping into more of your truth. It can be about awakening, like Katy Perry's "Wide Awake." Motivating, like the Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling." Even wacky with a great message,Laser engraving and laser customkeychain for materials like metal, like the YouTube sensation "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!" 

What you'll ultimately find is that your negative feelings are like an honesty barometer guiding you to come back to your authentic self, even if it pains you. By adding in the technology piece, for sure reclaiming your authentic self isn't as excruciating. Dare I say,Bay State parkingguidance is a full line manufacturer of nylon cable ties and related products. it could even be fun?

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How I Paid Off $6,000 of Debt by Moving to a Caribbean Island

When you think about a traditional debt repayment story, visions of tropical islands and international plane flights don't usually come to mind. However, that's exactly how my story goes.Explore online some of the many available selections in lasercutter. 

A few years ago, my husband and I were a normal newlywed couple in our early twenties. We were both working full time and had just moved into a nice townhome. We had barbeques with our next door neighbors, went shopping at the mall on the weekends, and took our dog to the local dog park. 

Essentially, we had a pretty casual life, and we weren't obsessed with the latest brands or expensive cars. Yet, we still fell into the debt trap anyway with each new purchase for the house and each dinner out. I thought we were doing just fine, but it took one big decision to show us just how much we should have been saving all along. 

Even though we were content with our home, our friends and our careers, my husband's dream was to go to medical school. He did not get accepted the first time he applied straight out of college, so he went into the work force. He made an excellent salary, and he could have done very well, but you know how dreams are. They nag at us and tug at us when we go to sleep at night, and he couldn't let it go. 

As part of the medical school admissions process, my husband decided to apply to international schools.We offer over 600 chipcard at wholesale prices of 75% off retail. It was a good backup, we thought, just in case things didn't work out in the States. 

What we weren't expecting was the e-mail we got three weeks after submitting the international application saying he had an interview at one of the very best American owned international medical schools. 

Moving to a foreign country isn't for the faint of heart. By the time we had purchased all of the supplies necessary for medical school and his plane ticket, we were $5,000 in credit card debt. I decided to keep working in the U.Online shopping for iccard from a great selection of Clothing.S. to help out with our bills, and he went to the Caribbean without me. 

I spent countless nights alone in that big townhome clipping coupons and obsessing about being thrifty. I brought my lunch every day to work, and I made myself the cheapest dinners I could think of to try to save money. 

Without my husband's salary, I knew I couldn't sustain the house much longer. Meanwhile, I was in a city with no family members, and I was having a tough time. We had barely been married a year. One minute we were having friends over to our house for a dinner party and the next I was home alone with my dog while my husband was 3,000 miles away on an island in the middle of nowhere. 

I knew that logically, I should have kept working and that it would be really hard for me to find work in the Caribbean. Yet, I couldn't pass up such a unique experience. I felt like I was just spinning my wheels, missing my husband, and I didn't think we could spend that many years apart and still keep our marriage strong. 

So I quit my job, and in order to pay for my plane ticket to the Caribbean, I had a huge garage sale. I sold $2,000 worth of furniture, and I spent $1,000 moving all our wedding gifts and personal belongings to my in law's house.An bestrtls is a network of devices used to wirelessly locate objects or people inside a building. I took my dog, I boarded a plane, and I collapsed into my husband's arms that first night, amazed that we had actually done the impossible. Even that early on, we knew our lives would never be the same. 

A funny thing happened on that island. Despite being in $6,000 of debt, I found peace. Because we didn't have as many bills and we lived in a 270 square foot apartment, we were able to start paying off our debt slowly. We took the free bus offered by the school. We picked mangos off the trees. We made sandwiches and had picnics on the beach. We found joy in the little things. I made new friends. I became a part of the community. 

I started writing about my experiences and sharing my story on other blogs. I started to make an income from my writing, and six months into moving, I got a job doing something I love that paid twice as much as my job in the states. 

You wouldn't think that going to a tropical location would save me, but it did. When I was finally forced to embrace minimalism, I stopped spending. When everyone around me was saving too, it became easier to adapt to that lifestyle. When the demands of the world and the rings of smart phones fell silent, I could finally listen. 

Who knows where I'd be without my little island. I'd probably be right at that kitchen table in that townhome still in debt and completely unaware of what life is like when you take the time to create your own slice of debt-free paradise. 

The Panasci TEC experience was priceless. We knew our competition was fierce, and each team had great startup ventures and ideas. The guidance, know-how and resources made available to us during the competition brought our business plan and elevator pitch to a level worthy of investors, said Schultz. 

The Department of Energy estimates that more than 114 million households and 4.7 million commercial buildings use more energy than transportation or industrial sectors, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all energy consumed in the U.Compare prices and buy all brands of luggagetag for home power systems and by the pallet.S. 

Development of the innovative coating was led by Sarbajit Banerjee, UB assistant professor of chemistry. Schultz and Marley are two of his graduate assistants and have partnered with Brozek to commercialize the technology through their company, diMien. 

The coating is a vanadium oxide material that senses temperature changes and adapts to either reflect heat or transmit heat, all while remaining invisible to the human eye. During cold weather, the coating allows the suns natural heat to warm the interior of a building, cutting heating costs. But when temperatures rise, the coating switches to reflect heat keeping the interior cool and comfortable, saving on cooling costs. This reduces energy consumption in buildings by making them more efficient.

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How the Honor Roll Cheats Students and Divides Schools

Midway through my Government class, I was pulled out to talk to my administrator. I chatted with a few kids in the waiting room, trying to find out why we were all there. As people shuffled in and out, we heard snippets of conversations about getting that D up and graduating on time and getting one last chance. 

Uh-oh. I chastised myself for not knowing immediately, for letting schoolings be-all and end-all temporarily slip under my radar. Of course, we were there to talk about grades. What else? We were all borderline cases thrown together for last-minute lectures and discipline. 

It turns out that my administrator had actually called me in to help plan the schools voter registration drive, but to the best of my knowledge, everyone else was in that waiting room because of inadequate report cards. And that freaked me out. At the time, I suddenly felt that I was caught in the basement of the meritocracy, and I couldnt bear to think that everyone there saw me as an academic lightweight, a flake, a do-nothing. I almost felt like an innocent suspect of a crime, sitting in a cell with other accused offenders, simply waiting to be exonerated and released from my false detention.Online shopping for solarpanelcells. 

The crime, in this case, was the serious transgression of bad grades, an offense dirtier than academic cheating, which students know is pervasive across America and basically accepted by everyone, from Ivy League deans to ambitious school superintendents to stressed-out teachers to depressed students. For a moment,You've probably seen solarpanel at some point. I felt degraded by mere association with the kids getting Ds and Fs, the ones who couldnt even cheat their way to safety. 

Then, I snapped back to reality. I remembered that our grim situation was not the fault of the low achievers, but of the grading system itself. Grades today are more than letters. They are a comprehensive lifestyle. They mold your identity and self-perception in school. They tell you how smart others think you are and dictate the amount of teachers acclaim you receive. They determine which classes you take, honors or normal, which in turn determine how security guards and passers-by treat you in the hallway. They shape your post-high school life far more than is appropriate, ethical, or logical. They put you in a class, literally and figuratively, that perpetuates its own types of socializing, fraternizing and schmoozing. Once removed from your comfort zone, you become slightly unsure of how to carry yourself. You become graded and class-bound. 

So, let me be the first to say it on the off-chance that nobody else yet has: the honor roll is a shoddy excuse for schooling, a purveyor of tawdry education, and an indefensible obstacle to student progress. And thats being polite. 

My junior year of high school, I started getting straight As. When I saw that first report card,We offer over 600 chipcard at wholesale prices of 75% off retail. I cried. Really. It was monumental. It was probably the first time since the age of nine that grades had made me cry. 

I used to not get straight As. In seventh grade, I wasnt on the honor roll. School administrators exploit people like me who ascend the GPA ladder, using us as poster children for their rags to riches pedagogy. Not me thoughI know what grades really are, what they mean, and whom they help, and if you think for a second that Id let honor-roll-apologists use my name to propagate that garbage about working your way up to the honor roll like that guy did, then youre out of your mind. Thats because the honor rolls a joke, a tool, a compilation of hustlers and cheaters, of over-worked disciples, sycophants and snide academic snobs, of miserable minions prepared to regurgitate whatever their educators teach them, and of lovely adolescents, like many I know, who desperately avoid the wrath of their high-strung parents by copying off a friend during a math test. 

My middle school hosted Straight A parties with pizza and games for the highest achievers. Hah. I wonder just how many of these students, at the end of the school day, returned to neighborhoods with gangs lining their streets or to homes in which inebriated parents pummeled the living daylights out of each other. About 10 million children witness domestic violence every year, and somewhere between 30 and 60 percent of violent partners also abuse their children. Does anyone honestly believe that many of these victims make it onto their schools honor rolls, that all-out domestic brawls are conducive to the stable study spaces needed for academic success? 

Of course not, but domestic violence victimsjust like kids with disabilities, kids with sick parents, kids who are bullied, kids who are gay, kids without parents, kids without homes, kids in poverty, kids in crime-ridden neighborhoods, kids without educated parents, kids too poor for tutors, and kids in fear of deportationare screwed anyway. Thats our mentality. Valorize societys achievers, throw them parties and plaster their names on the blackboard. Show them off to potential donors and lavish them with perks. Tell them how brilliant they are and how everyone else ought to be like them. Make them their own class, an exclusive conglomerate of kids who were smart enough to have been born into good families without hardship. Forget about everyone else. 

Once, while debating a good friend and terrific Teach for America educator about whether Americas obsessive new testing dogma is good for education, I was pressed to concede the following point: that student subcultures are drastically different, and the fact that I get stressed about the honor roll doesnt mean that all students do, since they may have other things to worry about. In fact, it was argued that I am probably more critical of the exclusionary honor roll than are all the students who are routinely excluded from it. 

I demonstrated that the teachers latter claim is false, as I have many friends with mediocre grades who are totally bummed whenever the honor roll goes up and disenchanted with the educational system. But the claim that there are different student subcultures is certainly true. Some students dont care about being left off of the honor roll as much as they care about the tyranny of athleticism or attractiveness and good looks or drug dealing and gang violence or anti-intellectualism. 

But the presence of all these other worries does not excuse the injuries of the honor roll; it compounds them. If students faced no external strife, many more would try to do well academically, and I might be prepared to reconsider my opposition to honor roll. But, with so many students facing so many serious assaults to their well-being, the honor roll just adds aggressive official insult to the injuries of social life. Whether or not students are deeply offended by it, not being on the honor roll counts as a strike against them in the combative academic and economic competition that our country has structured. 

I have gone to some of the countrys most diverse schools my entire life, so I have seen how the honor roll affects different student communities. If the benefits of good grades incentivize kids to study, its generally just for students in the 2.5 to 4.0 GPA stratosphere. When these children are put under pressure to succeed, many rely on cheating during tests to achieve high marks. More than 70 percent of college students today admit to having cheated as teenagers. The whole country is waking up to the way that the dubious tyranny of testing has generated a dubious resistance of cheating, and often times it is the test-givers who promote cheating to make themselves look like school turn-around heroes. 

To kids with low GPAs, roughly 2.4 points or below, the perks of the honor roll operate as disincentives to academic study; instead of losing a game they know they cant win against students with highly educated parents and stable family backgrounds, the low achievers simply refuse to play. Practically speaking, that means such students drop out or pay minimal attention to their studies. 

Saying that honor roll perks are academic incentives for profoundly disadvantaged students is like saying that an extra big parade, as a prize, will incentivize a novice runner to try harder and actually win a marathon. What hogwash. If anything, the promised parade will only scare away the novice who, anticipating a loss, will wish to save himself the humiliation of witnessing the parade participants chanting someone elses name when it is all over. In fact, the novices incentive to save face might even get him to convince himself he hates running. 

I dont know why school has to be designed like a competition. But if it is going to be,Manufacturer of the Jacobs plasticcard. the way we get everyone in the race is by making it fair, by actually training the novice, by bringing the novice up to speed with the other runners. Until such parity exists, the race will be fixed and cruel. Until all students enter school with the domestic stability and resources needed to concentrate academically, no honor roll system can be justified, and any existing honor roll system will only further stimulate anti-academic sentiments among low-achieving students. 

School could be a haven of pure learning for children who, in the outside world, are on the bottom of social hierarchies. Instead, the school system chooses to reinforce hierarchical distinctions, pitting kids against each other, enabling some students to use outside resources (i.e., knowledgeable parents, secure homes, SAT review classes) to their decisive advantage. And, at the end of it all, these lucky few get their names posted in the front hallway to remind everyone that theyre societys winners and that the non-included students are,Please click the images below to view more pictures of ultrasonicsensor tiles! well, implicitly, losers.

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