Businesses weigh cost of storm preparation

The possibility of major storms causing extended power outages has forced businesses to play a costly game of risk management. 

They must decide how much to spend on precautions, how much to risk for not taking precautions and how much they can afford to spend preparing for something that might not happen.Generators are the big precaution and the big expense. 

Mike Lehman, store manager at Lil Bear in downtown Newark, said it would be great to have a generator to avoid June 29, 2012s derecho outcome the loss of thousands of dollars in spoiled frozen, dairy and deli foods during a five-day outage. 

It would be worth it, but we dont have the extra money laying around, Lehman said. A generator the size we need costs $50,000-plus. 

If something like that happens again, Id just try to get people in the parking lot and feed the whole town, if Id known how long (the outage) would last. 

A repeat this year would be even worse because the Hanover Lil Bear has closed. A year ago, Lehman took products such as ice and milk to the Hanover store,Today, Thereone.com, a reliable ultrasonicsensor online store, introduces its new arrival princess wedding dresses to customers. which never lost power. 

Kenny Atkins, store manager at Sav-A-Lot on East Main Street, said a repeat of 2012s 10-day outage likely would be just as painful.The store has a new owner, Joe Janes, in place of Mike Gardner, but still no generator.If it happens again, wed be in the same boat, Atkins said.Laser engraving and laser glassbottles for materials like metal, We lost everything. If the power is gone, the power is gone. 

Park National Bank, which employs 400 people in downtown Newark and 617 countywide, could not keep every branch open during the 2012 outage, but generators kept its operation center running. 

Some branches were without power, but we were able to keep a couple branches open with power, and with backup power at the operations center, employees went there, said Tim Lehman, Park National senior vice president. 

The University of Georgia Foundation,Automate patient flow and quickly track hospital assets and people using rfidtag. whose board included some of the universitys richest and most influential alumni,We are one of the leading manufacturers of cableties in China rebelled, but their rage at Adams went far beyond Adams shoving out Dooley. 

The foundation commissioned an audit of Adams management practices and use of foundation money, and then released the blistering report to the public. 

But the state Board of Regents backed Adams, calling the face-off an athletics-academics conflict.Aulaundry is a leading drycabinet and equipment supplier. They instead directed Adams to create another group to raise and manage money for the university. The foundation came back into the fold two years ago when they and the newer Arch Foundation merged. 

Adams endured sharp criticism in other controversies, such as when he gave former football coach Jim Donnan a raise without getting approval from the UGA Athletic Board. 

Many UGA faculty and alumni reacted bitterly two years ago when the Regents awarded Adams a $50,000 annual raise paid for by the athletic department. Faculty members hadnt had raises since the countrys long economic slide began in 2008, and still havent. 

Fundraising at UGA has remained at about $100 million each year during Adams last several years at UGA, which is better than before he took office. 

But UGA had the third-largest endowment among Southeastern Conference schools when Adams took over from Charles Knapp in 1997. By 2008, UGA lagged behind three others of the then-12 SEC schools, wrote Rich Whitt in his account of the Adams presidency, Behind the Hedges. UGA also lags far behind many of the universities it aspires to emulate, such as the University of North Carolina and the University of Virginia, which recently concluded a $3 billion campaign. 

The flow of federal dollars to UGA researchers also stalled in recent years, though the national economy and federal cutbacks have hurt more universities than UGA. 

Asked what his legacy would be, Adams named academics and cited the creation of the College of Engineering, the School of Public and International Affairs, the Odum School of Ecology, the College of Public Health and a medical partnership with Georgia Regents University. 

I think weve helped prepare the university to compete better research-wise in the 21st century, but I hope the better part of my legacy is an academic legacy, Adams said.

UGA administrators have for years pointed to the absence of medical and engineering schools as a big reason Georgia sometimes doesnt crack the top 100 research institutions in federal grant totals. 

In the long run, the medical campus and the engineering campus might be Adams biggest academic legacy," Boney said. It was like missing a front tooth not to have a medical school on campus. 

And in the future, having those kinds of schools at UGA could also help with fundraising; doctors and engineers tend to make more money than the average teacher.

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