Labeling Obama as Gestapo leader

More than 68 years after the fall of Nazi Germany, the atrocities of the German regime that plunged the world into World War II continue to make news.On Tuesday, The Associated Press reported that at least 10 suspected Nazi war criminals ordered deported by the United States never left the country and four are living in the United States today. All remained eligible for public benefits such as Social Security until they exhausted appeals, and in one case even beyond. 

Quiet American legal limbo was the fate of all 10 men uncovered in an AP review of Justice Department data. The reason, according to The AP: While the U.S. wanted them out, no other country was willing to take them in. 

That alone speaks to the depth of disdain for anyone associated with the Nazi regime. Just the very description of something or someone as Nazi carries an evil connotation, which leads to the question: Why do so many seem so often to make reference to Nazi in criticism of political opponents when doing so only casts a shadow on the person doing the accusing? 

The latest example: The South Carolina Republican Party on Tuesday sent a fundraising email complete with an Internal Revenue Service logo altered to include the following words: Obamas Gestapo.Then follows a message from S.C. GOP Chairman Matt Moore that states: Our South Carolina Republicans are fighting on so many fronts and need your help. Were working to defund ObamaCare, grow South Carolinas economy, expose and abolish the IRS, and get answers on the cover-up in Benghazi. Can we count on you to help? 

Many South Carolinians are likely to respond to the call to contribute based on support for Moore and the party on the issues he addresses. But they should do so with a note of protest about anyone labeling an agency of the U.S. government or the president of our country as Nazi. Adolf Hitlers Gestapo was the architect of atrocity after atrocity before and during World War II. To insinuate that Barack Obama has a Gestapo is demeaning to the office of the president, which deserves the respect of every South Carolinian, every American. 

The South Carolina Democratic Party sent its own email regarding the Moore correspondence, being certain that media and others are aware of the matter.In the correspondence, Democratic Chairman Jaime Harrison stated:Just two months ago, Nikki Haley spent three days defending a white supremacist that she appointed co-chair of her campaign and now her party is equating its political opponents to the Nazi police that oversaw the imprisonment and mass-murder of millions of innocent people. Its a disgusting display that proves Nikki Haley truly knows no bounds when it comes to hypocrisy and has no standards for decency and standing up for rights. 

As the leader of her party, Governor Haley should condemn these hateful remarks. And as Chairman of the SCGOP, Matt Moore should apologize to the people of South Carolina and donate any money raised from this email to charity.Harrison is not exactly taking the high ground in his attack on the governor in response to the Moore communication.You've probably seen cellphonecases at some point. And no one should forget that Democratic Party officials and office-holders are not squeaky clean in the remarks and labels categories. 

The volunteer organizers of this years Miami Social Media Day got a jolt at their event,This is a basic background on rtls. on June 30, when attendees quickly overwhelmed the public Wi-Fi in their venue. Karl Nybergh, a meeting consultant at Miami-based Conference Resources and Solutions,Purchase an chipcard to enjoy your iPhone any way you like. had volunteered to run the registration desk. An hour into registration, a few attendees had already told me they were having trouble with the Wi-Fi, he says. I grabbed one of the facilitys technical staff and said to him, were having some problems with the Wi-Fi, [attendees] are saying its very slow. Is there a possibility of pushing up the bandwidth? After looking into it, Nybergh says, the staffer at the facility said their public Wi-Fi was using all the bandwidth available. 

The event, with 36 sessions focused on the topic of social media, was chock full of people who were constantly posting text and images on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr, and streaming video to and from YouTube and many other social media sites. This sucked up bandwidth at a rate far greater than a different crowd might have.Manufactures and supplies beststonecarving equipment. The resulting hassles proved inconvenient and especially embarrassing considering the theme of the day. 

Welcome to what most meetings will look like in the not-so-distant future, according to Mary Ann Pierce, president of MAP Digital, a New York City-based digital events agency. Attendees want to be able to shape their experience, and that requires cloud technology, she says. Without the cloud, attendees dont have access to communicate with each other, to communicate with the speaker, to ask questions, download white papers, take surveys, and create one-on-one appointments. If they cant constantly connect, especially if they are younger, theyre not going to come to your conference. 

Of course, the lifeblood of our digital society is the Internet, particularly Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. We are quickly reaching the point where that connectivity is going to be as necessary to a meeting as the meeting room itself. 

Its not just social media that uses up bandwidth these days. Events are incorporating streaming video into everything from presentations to training sessions,More than 80 standard commercial and granitetiles exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans. and using instant polling apps to involve audiences in presentations as they are happening. All of that social media is not just extraneous chatter, but part of a content delivery strategy to get participants involved in and excited about events. And that is putting a lot more pressure on hotels and other venues that want to host those meetings. 

One of the challenges we have had with the development of cloud technology in our industry is planners usually are more interested in whether or not the bandwidth is free than if a property has the bandwidth to meet the meetings goals, says Michael Dominguez, senior vice president of corporate hotel sales for MGM Resorts International. 

That attitude reflects an old-fashioned mindset, says Jim Spellos, a meetings technology educator and conference speaker who runs the Meetings U. website. Host organizations cant make an assumption with technology the same way they cant make assumptions about food and beverage and room setup, and all the other components of a meeting, he adds. The requirements have to be quantified and the setups need to be tested before a decision is made.

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