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David Olson and Dr. Bob Nelson,Have a look at all our bestrtls models starting with free proofing. co-founders of Recognition PRO, have spent years tracking incentivized behavior and corporate rewards, and they say employers have overdone it with perks, awards and gift-cards. What they recommend is more of a systematic behavioral approach toward how an individual is integrated into a company and how theyre treated within the organization. 

People want to be thanked personally for a job well done; they want to be involved in communication and decision-making. These approaches make them feel far more valued, and, Nelson says, itll make this a place where theyre going to keep giving it their best shot. 

The pair point to research indicating that the main reason employees leave a given job is lack of recognition. Employers often center rewards on money and recognize employees worth to the company with quantitative rewards. So they continue to award coffee mugs and watches for achievements, even when they do more harm than good. 

Employees can game a system for set rewards and others can grow bitter once theyve reached a given achievement. Whats more, Nelson says, old school methods of back-patting such as photos of and parking spaces for employees-of-the-month can be ripe for parody. They feel quaint and homely and can give the impression of applauding sycophants. 

Ive talked to a lot of employees who dont want to be employee of the month,The 3rd International Conference on ledstriplights and Indoor Navigation. Nelson says. Theres a stigma; theyre worried their friends are going to make fun of them. 

Of course C thats not true for everyone. The dedicated career worker whos looking forward to her 20-year mark with pride might not react well to being told such antiquated benchmarks are being phased out, so dont throw out the baby with the bathwater. And theres a generational element to consider as well. 

For the Millennials, who are going to be at their current job for less than a year and a half, they dont have any sights on their five-, 10- or 15-year tenure, Nelson says. If youre trying to attract them,Browse our oilpaintingsforsales collection from the granitetrade.net! hold on to them, get a lot out of them, you must start looking to see what does it for them, and I guarantee its not going to be logo jewelry or crystal.The marbletiles is not only critical to professional photographers. Its going to be the trust and respect of their managers: learning opportunities, meeting with upper management, selection for task forces and special projects. Thats going to hit home 100 or 1,000 times more than the latest iPod, which they already bought with their own money anyways. 

The Broadway campus is within five miles of Papago Spectrum and has excellent access to the Loop 101/Price Freeway. The building is 94 percent leased. Tenants include MOOG/Broad Reach Engineering and Amerifirst Financial, Inc. Broadway 101 also serves as the corporate headquarters for Quantum Integrated Solutions, a process control instrumentation and consulting firm.About amagiccube in China userd for paying transportation fares and for shopping. Broadway 101offers underground parking, a card-key access system, on-site deli and property management and insta-suites ready for immediate occupancy. 

Senior Vice President Chris Quiett and Senior Associate Eric Ramm represented GLL in the transaction. The seller was represented by Senior Managing Director Dennis Desmond, Senior Vice President Brian Ackerman and Managing Director Dave Seeger, all of the Phoenix office of Jones Lang LaSalle. 

On a recent weekday afternoon, its single corridor is crowded with passengers trying to get around each other. Some people wait in line to secure boarding passes for an outbound flight to Denver. Others, having just stepped off a plane from Phoenix, extend the handles on their rolling luggage and head out the door with cellphones pressed to their ears. Hotel shuttles and rental cars cruise out of the parking lot. A taxi comes in. 

Operations at the regional airport have been picking up steam in recent years. The number of passengers has increased fourfold since 2008 and is now double the previous high of 44,217 passengers in 2000. There are now nine daily flights on three airlines, allowing passengers to make connections to the rest of the world without driving much farther away than the nearest grocery store. 

Passengers can now catch direct flights from Santa Fe to four cities Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver and Dallas. That's a big change from 2008, when all the airlines had dropped commercial service from the capital city. 

The choices increased May 1, when Great Lakes Airlines began a new daily flight to Phoenix on its small turbo-propeller planes. The same day, United Express started making twice-daily flights to Denver in its regional jets. Great Lakes also resumed its Denver flights in and out of Santa Fe in December, and passengers can catch flights on American Eagle regional jets to Los Angeles and Dallas. 

"The air is already thin up here on any given day, but on unusually hot days, it is even thinner. Thinner air means an aircraft will accelerate slower to get the speed needed to take off," she explained. "By reducing take-off weight passengers, luggage, fuel the aircraft can take off safely in the same distance it usually does on cooler days." In anticipation of such conditions in the future, the airline holds back a few seats on midday flights, she said. 

In other instances, it's less clear why flights from Santa Fe are canceled, or who or what is to blame. On June 30, for example, United Express a subsidiary of United Airlines operated in Santa Fe by ExpressJet called off a flight to Denver about 12 hours before its intended Sunday afternoon departure. Ground personnel told passengers who didn't get an email notice in time, and who showed up at the airport anyway, that the cancellation was due to a crew shortage. Many passengers ended up taking a shuttle or driving to Albuquerque to head for their final destination, while others stayed overnight in Santa Fe to try again the next day. 

ExpressJet spokeswoman Allison Curtin declined to provide The New Mexican with recent data about the number of canceled flights for Santa Fe service. She said the problem with the June 30 flight was "weather challenges, which are outside our control." 

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