Home remodeling trends

Interior design style preferences and functional needs vary widely among homeowners, but overall, todays design trends favor simpler living and low-maintenance materials. Homeowners also continue to remodel their homes in ways that will make them safer, healthier and more sustainable. 

To determine the current top trends in interior design, design professionals at Pacific Northwest-based Neil Kelly Company C a design-build remodeling firm with more than 30,000 homes in its portfolio C considered their experience with material suppliers and vendors throughout the remodeling industry. Collectively, the firms 20 designers identified several interior design trends for 2013: 

Clean, simple cabinets with a contemporary look and less high-maintenance detailing are in demand. Re-facing or refinishing existing cabinetry continues to be an affordable option for those wanting an updated look.Beautiful and durable granite countertops remain popular, but quartz composite C the closest thing to no maintenance, bullet-proof countertop material available today C is gaining ground. 

Many homeowners are opting for pre-finished and engineered wood flooring. Pre-finished woods offer a durable finish and less installation time and do not require sanding. Engineered wood floors also work with under-floor heating systems so are desirable in colder climates. 

Glass stone tile mosaic composite backsplashes are a nice complement to stone and quartz countertops and add texture and visual interest. Solid glass panel backsplashes are popular in homes with contemporary design, where they lend an ultra-clean, almost ethereal look to a polished, modern kitchen setting. 

Deep, single-bowl sinks are the current trend in kitchen sinks. Fitted colanders and dish drains provide the benefits of double sinks, and the bigger,The worlds most efficient and cost effective offshoremerchantaccount? single-bowl size accommodates large pots and pans.Our industry leading consumer and business agatebeads products offer competitive pricing combined. Popular materials include stainless and quartz composites. 

There is a growing trend to choose products, materials and design elements that will allow baby boomers to remain in their homes. Kitchen and bath upgrades that enhance functionality, comfort and safety are a popular trend.According to Neil Kelly Company design experts, the No. 1 trend is to create a healthy living environment free of toxins and harsh chemicals. Also, an increasing number of homeowners are taking advantage of federal and state incentives to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes. 

Other remodeling trends cited by interior design experts include:More people are adding screened porches, front porches, porticos and low-maintenance, composite decks.According to the NKBA, LED lighting is being specified by more kitchen and bath designers, increasing to 77 percent from 70 percent over the past year and up from 50 percent in 2010. 

Satin nickel is the most popular finish for kitchen fixtures, but bronze and oil-rubbed finishes are becoming more common.An increasing number of homeowners are tearing out their tubs to make way for expanded, walk-in showers.Master bath retreats C The luxurious, spa-like master bath continues to be a hot trend in home remodeling. Popular design elements include separate tub and shower areas, double vanities, separate water closets and spa amenities. 

The cost to control a homes thermostat, lighting, electronics and security system with a single device has dropped, and homeowners are taking advantage of that by making their homes smarter with automated controls.A growing number of families are adding media rooms or converting existing rooms to spaces devoted to TV and multi-media entertainment. 

Remodeling professionals are busy knocking down walls between adjoining rooms to create a roomier, more open feel in living spaces.Finally, many remodeling experts are reporting a trend among homeowners to choose their home improvement projects based on the comfort and better livability the changes will bring C not to increase resale value of their homes, as often was the case in the past. 

The most popular remodeling projects involve bathrooms and kitchens, with 28 percent of respondents planning a bathroom remodel or addition and 23 percent planning a kitchen remodel or addition within two years.Homeowners reported spending the majority of their time in their family/TV rooms but spending the majority of their remodeling budgets on kitchens. 

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