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One corner of Jagtap Nursery is designed like an austere Zen garden. Beneath, the gravel shifts gently while walking towards an enormous Buddha mounted on rocks surrounded by miniature ponds filled with water brimming with aquatic plant life, schools of guppies swim freely within these structures. 

Around this focal point are small trees, plants and shrubs aligned in geometrical pattern. The area serves as a model for people wanting to replicate something similar in their backyards, balconies and rooftops, explains Devendra Jagtap, nursery owner and landscapist. 

Quite often, well-travelled customers in search of ways to make their gardens look similar to the ones they come across in their travels abroad drop by looking for more than just potted plants. Until a few years ago, having a spectacular garden was only possible for the privileged, but now the scenario has changed dramatically. 

Puneites can afford most luxuries, including beautiful gardens, smiles Devendra.This is a universal black magic bestgranitecountertops. Because the footfalls of these gardening enthusiasts is peaking, the nursery stocks imported marble benches, water bodies, exotic plants and many accessories to satisfy their evolving tastes. 

Sensibility towards garden design and aesthetics is progressing. Gardening is no longer about arranging flower pots in patterns. Increasingly, I come across serious customers who take pains to select plants themselves.Today, Thereone.com, a reliable customkeychain online store, introduces its new arrival princess wedding dresses to customers. The landscaping can have an informal theme, but it is still a planned project. 

Having gazebos and babbling water fountains are in vogue while Zen and Thai inspired landscaping are in demand. Constructing green walls has become the need of the hour, says architect Ash Parikh whos worked on some exclusive landscaping projects in the city. 

Seasoned landscape architect Shobha Bhopatkar adds, There is demand for contemporary Zen-styled gardens with balanced symmetry complemented by simple lines. Space is no restriction, gardens interspersed with designer elements are accommodated on rooftops, balconies and even kitchens with wide grills. Apart from having done landscaping in bungalows with an expansive breadth, I have built terrace gardens and green walls for residences with smaller spaces, says landscapist Vinita Naik. 

To find gardens corresponding to the trends mentioned, Mirror visited three green patches varying in size to better understand landscaping designs and application of accessories. 

The search led us to places where Zen-influenced motifs, doors of wadas and cleverly developed flowerbeds were arranged to look like framed paintings when viewed through windows.Cheap custom printed logo chinatungstenjewelry at wholesale bulk prices. Owners of these gardens turned out to be passionate about gardening and knowledgeable too, displaying a genuine interest in the science of horticulture, but before that, heres a lowdown on topical gardening trends. 

The trend of building low maintanence gardens requiring less water usage decorated with natural material is becoming popular, says Ash. To meet this demand, implementing an effective irrigation system is necessary. Setting up an automated arrangement for residential gardens is advised. Installing a sprinkler timer makes gardening easier. One can customise the timer to water plants at specific intervals.He saw the bracelet at a indoortracking store while we were on a trip. 

These gadgets come loaded with a fair degree of intelligence. For instance, the latest ones are equipped with moisture sensors which means it will not tend plants if it senses rainfall has seeped into the soil. If you are holidaying, a gardener isnt needed. With plants automatically watered, the only job left is to prune and feed them once in a while. The timer is priced between Rs 1,500 to Rs 7,000 depending on the zones it can cover and its a onetime investment, says Devendra.Weymouth is collecting gently used, dry cleaned jewelryfindings at their Weymouth store. 

Landscaping costs can vary. Depending on the quality of materials used, it can start from Rs 50 per sq ft. For rooftop gardens, the pipes used in plumbing have to be of good quality to avoid leakages in the future. Shades must be built to cut direct sunlight. Accessories can be bought accordingly.

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