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So the challenge was finding the right people to be traders to keep the market special, and having enough of them.Woodgrange Market prides itself on its founding stall which offers locally-sourced, organic vegetables and free-range eggs which is run by a team of volunteers. 

A number of unique stalls followed including Devils Picnic, run by Aman Bhupal, who knowledgably tells his customers about the history of his wares including olives,We Engrave luggagetag for YOU. olive oils, and Italian hard cheeses; Manor Parks Malvs Bakes selling delicious home-made cakes; Picture The Past, run by Rob Avis, featuring a collection of original and reproduced vintage images alongside a selection of quirky collectables; and new addition The Wanstead Tap offering locally-produced microbrewery beers. 

Alicia and Laura carried out surveys of people passing through the market when it first opened and they asked for more staples like bread and cheese.The partnership were subsequently amazed by residents initiative as they endeavoured to fill in the gaps. 

Charity worker Radhika Bynon set about employing young people to run a stall at Woodgrange Market through her U Team programme which promotes neighbourliness while another local John Widdowson found a baker to provide specialist savoury and fruit breads which he now runs as a co-operative. 

Perhaps the biggest success story of Woodgrange Market is Coffee7 which started off as a stall but now has a successful independent shop on Woodgrange Road.The BBC and a Japanese TV company have since visited to feature their Suspended Coffee idea where customers buy a warm drink for a homeless person who can pick it up from the shop. 

I do see it as a breeding ground for social enterprises, Alicia says.Choose from a large selection of crystalbeadswholesal to raise awareness. We encourage people to come and have a go and see what its like.Its also a place to meet up. Having that meeting place breeds creativity that can be turned into something positive for the community.

But Alicia and Lauras vision doesnt stop with success as the pair would like the market to occupy space near what is soon to be the Forest Tavern pub, run by trendy franchise Antic Collective, to take advantage of passing trade for when Crossrail arrives in Forest Gate.Apart from electricity and better lighting during the winter months, Alicia and Laura also aspire to map food-growing in the area and collect the results to sell at Woodgrange Market so it can offer truly local produce and encourage people to get gardening. 

Laura and I had no clue about markets but people just responded really positively, Alicia said. We just hoped people would come along and give it a go and were overwhelmed by how much it has grown and sparked other things to happen around the area. 

The battle for her personal freedom began before she was born when her parents, Julio Cesar and Kristina, left behind all their worldly possessions as they fled Cuba to escape Fidel Castros emerging regime.Is it any wonder the lifes work Kristina Arriaga de Bucholz has chosen? 

Arriaga de Bucholz is executive dManufactures and supplies beststonecarving equipment.irector of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a Washington, D.C.-based law firm and educational foundation that is getting a lot of attention these days as legal defenders in the so-called Hobby Lobby case. The Becket Fund represents David and Barbara Green, owners of Hobby Lobby, the national arts and crafts chain, in the Greens' lawsuit against the Obama administrations Affordable Care Act of 2010 that forces companies to pay for employee health insurance that includes drugs and devices that could cause abortions. 

The Greens, devout Christians, object to that requirement on the basis that it infringes on their religious beliefs. The case is pending, but just last week the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver ruled that Hobby Lobby and other companies can base their lawsuits on the grounds that their constitutionally protected religious freedoms have been violated. 

Its not the Becket Funds first fight. Founded in 1994,Here's a complete list of granitecountertops for the beginning oil painter. the organization has represented dozens of religions,The marbletiles is not only critical to professional photographers. from the Amish to Roman Catholics to Mormons to Buddhists to Unitarians and all in between, and lays claim to being the only public interest law firm that defends all religions. It is named after Thomas Becket, the 12th century cleric who adroitly bridged the divide of church and state by serving simultaneously as Archbishop of Canterbury and Chancellor of England. 

Arriaga de Bucholz, who has a masters degree in liberal studies from Georgetown University, has her own rich background in defending human and civil rights. Prior to joining the Becket Fund in 1995, she worked with the United Nations human rights commission and before that as an advocate for Cuban human rights activists. Also on her rsum is a four-year term as an appointee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. 

The Becket Funds executive director and lifelong freedom fighter agreed to have a conversation with the Deseret News about religious liberties and the challenges they constantly face.

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