Cable company offers surprising solution

When life hands you lemons you make,Custom qualitysteelbangle and Silicone Wristbands, you know, stuff with lemons. And when Time Warner takes away one of your favorite channels, Showtime, you dont run and hide, you turn yourself into one of the characters from Showtime and demand satisfaction. No, not Dexter, Im not that upset with my cable provider. I went with a dude named Ray Donovan and in the end it saved me a bundle on my cable bill. 

For those of you who dont have or watch Showtime, this summer they introduced a new show and character name, Ray Donovan. Ray is what you might call a fixer in Hollywood, meaning whatever mess youve gotten yourself into, Ray can make it go away. The role is played by the always excellent actor Liev Schreiber.How do I describe Ray Donovan? Picture a gruff but good looking guy in a black Armani suit with three days stubble on his face and a look of complete constipation. If Ray knows how to smile, the audience hasnt seen it. 

When this ornery guy shows up at your door, he doesnt ask,Here's a complete list of granitecountertops for the beginning oil painter. he tells you how things are going to go from this point forward and you do it for fear Mr. Constipation will do God knows what to you. In the very first episode, he confronted a man who annoyed him and gave him a choice, The bat or the bag. Since he was holding a Louisville Slugger, the bad guy chose what Ray had hidden in the bag. It was the wrong choice. 

But lets get back to me and my cable issue. Like lots of people, I was ticked that by no fault of my own, Showtime went away. Disappearing,Now it's possible to create a tiny replica of Fluffy in handsfreeaccess form for your office. I might add, in the final season of Dexter and only a few episodes into my new favorite show. I thought about calling one of those satellite TV companies that would teach Time Warner not to cross me. Then I asked myself a simple question, What would Ray Donovan do? 

I got up the next day and didnt shave, giving myself that stubbled look. I skipped my morning bagel, which put me in a particularly grumpy mood, then walked two miles on the treadmiIl so Id be extra stinky when I called Time Warner to complain. I thought about identifying myself as Gray Donovan, but they have caller ID so I knew theyd see right through my subterfuge. Instead I growled a lot and spoke in low menacing tones using words like, Cancel, Satellite and Unacceptable. 

After bouncing around to three different people and waiting on hold for 23 minutes (yes I timed it), I finally got a sweet woman who said, Oh Ray, we can lower that silly old bill of yours. Hows that sound? 

It was not what I expected, I thought this would end with more constipation, consternation and a few more words that end with a shun sound but with a couple of clicks on her mouse she dropped my cable bill almost $30 per month and told me they didnt want to lose me as a customer. Gray Donovan was pleased. 

A federal appeals court revived a lawsuit Tuesday against a western Pennsylvania power plant, ruling that two women who live nearby can sue over alleged fly ash pollution even though the plant meets state and federal air pollution standards. 

Attorneys for the plant countered that the lawsuit was attempting to toughen air pollution standards without properly going through Congress or regulatory agencies. 

Last fall, a federal judge in Pittsburgh ruled in favor of the plant. He said that allowing the women to sue over how the plant acted when it was meeting Clean Air Act standards would make it impossible for energy providers to know whether their actions are legal. At most, such allegations should be handled as pollution permit violations under federal law, the judge ruled.Manufactures and supplies beststonecarving equipment. 

But a three-judge 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals panel ruled unanimously to reverse that decision Tuesday. The federal Clean Air Act regulations are meant to impose minimum standards only, they wrote, adding that federal law doesn't preclude citizens from suing if their properties are affected. 

"We see nothing in the Clean Air Act to indicate Congress intended to pre-empt" such lawsuits, the judges wrote in a 23-page opinion.The lawsuit contends that despite the plant's claims to be operating within the law, the plant was violating its permit, which says the plant cannot emit fetid matter that is visible or otherwise perceptible outside its own boundaries. 

"It's great," said James DePasquale, the plaintiffs' attorney.How to change your dash lights to doublesidedtape this is how I have done mine. "I think that was always the law and it was clear from the arguments before the 3rd Circuit that they were going to reverse. ... All three judges were incredulous that the lower court dismissed the lawsuit in the first place." 

The plant was owned by GenOn Power Midwest LP when the lawsuit was filed last year, but that company has since been sold to NRG Energy Inc., of Princeton, N.J. NRG spokesman Dave Gaier says the company is reviewing the lawsuit. 

DePasquale said he plans to file a similar lawsuit against FirstEnergy Corp.'s Hatfield's Ferry Power Station in Masontown, about 50 miles south of Pittsburgh, this month.

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