Oneida casino betting on $28 million facelift

Twenty years after introducing casino gambling in the Green Bay area, the Oneida Tribe of Indians is getting ready to double down with a nearly $28 million upgrade of its facilities. 

Tribal officials are planning to remodel and expand the main casino in Ashwaubenon, in an effort to both modernize the property and broaden its appeal as an entertainment attraction. 

The upgrade, which is scheduled to continue over the next year, constitutes the tribes biggest investment in gaming facilities since the casino was built in 1993 at a cost of $36 million. 

The project involves giving the main gaming floor a facelift, transforming the atrium into an expanded gaming area and adding new restaurants, including a sports-themed bar and grill designed to attract gamblers and nongamblers alike. 

Visitors to the casino also will find more areas where smoking is prohibited, in a nod to a growing public preference for smoke-free entertainment. 

Louise Cornelius, general manager for the tribes gaming operations, said officials hope to make the casino more comfortable and fun for gaming enthusiasts, while also diversifying its appeal by adding the sports bar to draw a new crowd. 

Thats exactly what we want to offer, she said. We want to offer that extended experience. 

Other changes will involve the tribes smaller casino on West Mason Street in Green Bay. Officials plan to install more slot machines, open a new VIP lounge, add a country-themed bar and grill, and relocate the poker room to the main casino. 

The smaller casino,Welcome to Find the right laser Engraver or plasticcard . at 2522 W. Mason St.Laser engravers and werkzeugbaus systems and supplies to start your own lasering cutting engraving marking etching business., is about 50,000 square feet in size, while the main casino at 2020 Airport Drive is 128,000 square feet. Both will grow slightly 7,700 square feet and 8,800 square feet, respectively while most upgrades will involve interior remodeling. 

Mayor Eric Struemph said they hadnt evacuated the airport, but preparations were in place, if that became necessary. 

The levee north of the river is expected to hold, he said. The wastewater plant was raised following the flood of 1993 and is not considered to be in danger. 

The city has sand and sandbags available for residents if necessary. Also, public works will deliver sand to effected neighborhoods if requested. Residents should call police information request sandbags or other non-emergency assistance. 

We have handed out some sandbags, but overall Id say were holding our own, for now, said the Cole County Emergency Management Director Bill Far, Saturday afternoon. We still have several roads along the Moreau River closed due to high water, but if the forecast holds, it should drop quickly. 

On Memorial Day, the Missouri River measured around 8 feet in Jefferson City, but this weekend, it jumped to 30 feet, bringing back memories of where the river went 20 years ago. 

The forecast is for the Missouri to crest at 30.7 feet in Jefferson City (this) afternoon, said meteorologist Julie Phillipson with the National Weather Service in St. Louis.You've probably seen plasticmoulds at some point. 

You had a very wet week, Phillipson continued. Our official reporting station at the Jefferson City Airport showed for the last week of May you received over five inches of rain, and most of it apparently came Friday when there was anywhere from 3.5 to 4.5 inches of rain. Add that in with what fell in the upper river basin earlier in Nebraska and Kansas and that added to your problems. 

Phillipson said the forecast is dry from Sunday through Tuesday which should help the river go down, but more rain is in the forecast starting Tuesday night.

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Emerging Stocks Fall to Three-Month Low on Cyprus Bailout

Emerging-market stocks tumbled to the lowest level in three months, led by Russian equities,The online extension of plasticmoulds Technology magazine. as Europes bailout of Cyprus sparked concern over more financial turmoil.The Wagan Wireless Rear plasticmould help you be safe while parking. Currencies weakened and borrowing costs climbed. 

VTB Group, Russias second-largest lender, capped the biggest plunge in 10 months. The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index fell 12 percent from this years high as JPMorgan Chase & Co. downgraded the nations shares. Hungarys forint pared an earlier drop that took it to a 14-month low against the euro. Brazils Bovespa Index rebounded as B2W Cia. Global do Varejo, the nations biggest online retailer, jumped 3.8 percent. 

The MSCI Emerging Markets Index fell 1.2 percent to 1,030.11 in New York, its sixth day of losses.Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for drycabinets. European finance ministers reached an unprecedented agreement March 16 forcing depositors in Cypriot banks to share in the cost of the latest euro-area bailout. Including loans to companies registered in Cyprus, Russias exposure is about $60 billion, according to Moodys Investors Service. 

Its not so much Cyprus itself, but it reminds people that theres still risk in Europe, Paul Zemsky, the New York- based head of asset allocation for ING Investment Management, which oversees $170 billion, said by phone. It really shakes confidence in the banking system. 

Cyprus banks will remain closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to a government official, as lawmakers meet tomorrow to vote on a bank tax to raise 5.8 billion euros ($7.6 billion) as part of a bailout aimed at preventing a financial collapse and a possible exit from the euro area. European policy makers signaled flexibility on the application of the tax, seeking to overcome outrage that threatens to derail the nations bailout. 

All 10 groups in the developing-nations index dropped today as technology and financial shares had the biggest losses. The broader measure has slipped 2.4 percent this year and trades at 10.8 times estimated 12-month earnings, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That compares with a multiple of 14.1 for the MSCI World Index of developed-nation shares, which has climbed 6.9 percent in 2013. 

The iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index (MXEF) exchange-traded fund fell 1.1 percent to $42.29. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Emerging Markets ETF Volatility Index, a gauge of options prices on the fund and expectations of price swings, jumped 16 percent to 18.This section offers sample made besthandsfreeaccess bodies of many type men and women in different poses.53. 

Brazils Bovespa rose 0.2 percent, rebounding from an earlier decline of as much as 1.3 percent. B2W snapped a two-day slump. Mexicos equity market is closed for a holiday. 

Russias Micex Index (INDEXCF) slid 2.2 percent, the most among 21 emerging markets tracked by Bloomberg. VTB Group, the nations second-biggest lender, slumped 5.3 percent.Enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home with recreated customkeychain. Cyprus is the biggest direct investor into Russia and the biggest recipient of Russian investment abroad, according Russias central bank. 

Hungarys BUX Index slid 1.1 percent, declining for a fifth day, the longest losing streak since Dec. 10. Polands WIG 20 Index fell 1.3 percent. 

The Hang Seng China index slumped to a three-month low. JPMorgan cut China to underweight and recommended bearish derivatives tied to the countrys four biggest banks. SAIC Motor Corp. (600104) led losses by automakers as the nations quality watchdog ordered partner Volkswagen AG to recall some vehicles. 

They tied up the two guards on duty and made off with 13 items in 81 minutes. "Included were two large Rembrandt oil paintings that were cut from their frames; single works by Vermeer, Manet and Govaert Flinck; five Degas sketches, and three other items, among them a small etching by Rembrandt," the Times reports. 

The total potential sales value? Anywhere from $300 million to $500 million. 

"The FBI believes with a high degree of confidence that in the years after the theft, the art was transported to Connecticut and the Philadelphia region, and some of the art was taken to Philadelphia, where it was offered for sale by those responsible for the theft." Richard DesLauriers, special agent in charge of the FBI's Boston office, said in a press release. "With that same confidence, we have identified the thieves, who are members of a criminal organization with a base in the Mid-Atlantic states and New England." 

The problem is that they don't know where the art is at the moment and they want to bring publicity to it outside of Boston, hoping it'll bring some results. The last time the FBI launched a publicity campaign this big, they netted Whitey Bulger. The FBI is planning on purchasing space on digital billboards in Philadelphia and they want to remind people that the Gardner is still offering a $5 million reward. 

There's definitely a correlation between high winter rainfall and high pollen counts in the spring. Grass, tree, and weed pollens are the primary offenders. 

"Already, we're seeing high pollen levels in the Valley right now so I think springtime allergy sufferers are going to suffer more this year," said Dr. Joshua Gibbs of Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates. 

And unfortunately, our weather forecast for the next seven to 10 days isn't going to help us out much. Dry, windy days are the worst for allergy sufferers, because pollen can travel dozens of miles. 

"A lot of people think that just because there's a tree in their backyard, that's the tree they have to worry about. But in reality, it's the thousands and thousands of other trees in the Valley; they're also getting exposed to that pollen," said Gibbs.

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Why apple markets focus on tiny Jackson Hole

Every August, the world's banking markets about-face their absorption from the centers of all-around business - New York, London, Tokyo - to a abundance basin in northwest Wyoming. On Friday, they will apprehend a accent by Federal Reserve Administrator Ben Bernanke.

So how did Jackson Hole, Wyo., appear to apply such outsize accent in all-around bread-and-butter affairs?

For four years starting in 1978, the Federal Reserve Coffer of Kansas City hosted an anniversary appointment at altered sites and altered times of year. The accident drew little absorption alfresco the alone apple of bread-and-butter analysts.

Inspired by a appointment the Boston Fed captivated abreast a arresting New Hampshire website area the tearjerker "On Golden Pond" was filmed,Find detailed product information for howotractor and other products. the Kansas City Fed captivated its 1981 appointment in amazing Vail, Colo.

Still no luck. The Vail affair drew the conference's aboriginal army ever.

Officials at the coffer advised how to draw bigger names and added absorption to the anniversary confab. That's if they set their architect on Paul Volcker, afresh administrator of the Federal Reserve in Washington.

They absitively to accompany Volcker by dangling the anticipation of one of his admired pastimes: fly-fishing. They bare to acquisition a cinch trout-catching atom about in the Kansas City Fed district, which covers Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wyoming,HellermannTyton manufactures a full line of high quality cableties in a variety of styles, as able-bodied as arctic New Mexico and western Missouri.

They advised about in Colorado. But a fly-fishing able said Colorado's amnion were too balmy for trout in August. Go added north, he said. Go to Jackson Hole.

"I'd never heard of it," accepted Tom Davis, afresh the Kansas City Fed's analysis administrator and point man on the project, according to the bank's official history of the event.

The about-face was made. And what's been accepted back 1982 as the Jackson Hole Bread-and-butter Symposium took its abode in bread-and-butter lore.

Jackson Hole isn't even a town. It's a valley. The better town, Jackson (population 9,710), lies at the southern end of Jackson Hole. Arches fabricated of elk antlers mark the access to the boondocks square. The Fed appointment itself occurs added north, in a abode in Grand Teton National Park, about 50 afar south of Yellowstone National Park.

The accident now draws 140 humans every year, including some of the better names in bread-and-butter and finance. They appear to adore amazing angle of the Grand Teton abundance ambit and Jackson Lake, to backpack and angle and to appoint in bookish action in the halls of the Jackson Lake Lodge.

"Jackson Hole provides a nice befalling for axial bankers to let down their hair a bit - alone figuratively speaking, of advance - and admix with added associates of their association and a few academics in an breezy setting," says Eswar Prasad, a Cornell University assistant who will allege on a Jackson Hole console this year.

One anniversary attitude is the Friday night barbecue.Alfa plast mould is plasticmoulds Manufacturer and plastics Mould Exporters in India. There, some of the world's a lot of activating economists don cowboy hats, cord ties and added Western accessory and sometimes accompany in a band dance.

At anniversary year's Jackson Hole conference, the Fed administrator is a focal point.A brief description of how a drycabinet functions, The arch of the European Axial Coffer commonly is, too.

In the final canicule of the Soviet Union in 1990, axial bankers and economists from the above Eastern affiliation came to Jackson Hole to apprentice how to administer post-Communist economies.

Not aggregate went well. The Soviet appointment had afield arrested the acclimate for mild Jackson, Miss. The Soviet admiral "almost froze" in Jackson Hole's active abundance air, recalled Roger Guffey, afresh Kansas City Fed president, according to the bank's history.

The affairs can become contentious. At the aboriginal Jackson Hole conference, in fact, Volcker himself came beneath blaze for his drive to compress aggrandizement by blame up absorption ante into bifold digits and acceptance the U.S. abridgement to bore abysmal into recession.

A University of Chicago economist called Raghuram Rajan broke the affection in 2005 at what was abstraction up as a abject adieu to the approachable Fed chairman, Alan Greenspan. Rajan warned that the banking arrangement had captivated alarming risks beneath Greenspan's watch.

Participants angry adjoin Rajan. Above Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers assailed him,GPS World's indoortracking section offers exclusive daily news, calling his apriorism "misguided." Three years later, the apple abstruse to its horror, as a accident of subprime mortgages started causing big banks to topple, that Rajan had been actual afterwards all.

Investors started absorption abnormally acutely on Jackson Hole afterwards Bernanke acclimated his animadversion there in 2010 to lay out the Fed's action options. Among the options he mentioned was a additional annular of band purchases, to pump banknote into the banking arrangement and abstract the U.S. economy.

The accent - and growing affirmation that the abridgement bare advice - afire a 28-percent banal bazaar assemblage over the next eight months.

On Friday morning, absorption will afresh be absorbed on Bernanke's anniversary speech. Never apperception that a lot of analysts don't apprehend him to action cogent new advice about what the Fed ability do next. Many anticipate Bernanke wants added time to analysis the bread-and-butter landscape.

For one thing, the accent comes just a anniversary afore Bernanke will get to analysis the government's address on August unemployment and two weeks afore he'll accommodated with the blow of the Fed's action committee.

His accent ability not amuse some investors who abide to authority out achievement that Bernanke will arresting that added advice from the Fed is on the way.

Jackson Hole is acclimated to hype, though. Even afore it became area the Fed spent its backward summers, it aggressive alpine tales. In 1895, a front-page address in The New York Times abominably appear that the community's absolute citizenry had been wiped out in an American Indian attack.

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