PayPal beating Square at its own game in UK

PayPal Here launched to much hype last year in the U.S. (Disclosure: I own stock in PayPal parent $EBAY.) The product, a triangular dongle, allows small merchants to take credit cards in the United States. It was very much a catch-up move by the payments giant to compete with San Francisco-based Square.Bringing iccard mainstream. 

Now PayPal is leaping ahead with an EMV version of its PayPal Here reader, which is a better fit for many international markets. I was recently in London and had the chance to get a demo from PayPals Narik Patel, director of mobile merchant services. You can see a video demo here. 

Some context for U.S.-based readers: although magnetic stripe is the predominant technology in the U.S. for credit cards, thats not the case in much of the world. In Europe, Chip and PIN is dominant. Each credit card has an electronic chip on it. In order to authorize a transaction, the customer slides the card into the chip reader and then enters a 4-6 digit PIN. This has the effect of significantly reducing fraud. 

Chip and PIN readers require much more complex hardware than the magnetic stripe technology used in the U.S. This makes life a bit more difficult for vendors of payments solutions. 

The reader and its packaging are beautifully designed. The number of iterations the hardware has gone through is in double digits as we wanted to make sure it was as intuitive as possible as well as having that premium PayPal branded look and feel. The blue back has gone through at least eight versions to get to the blue finish we wanted,Aulaundry is a leading drycabinet and equipment supplier. Patel said. We have also stress tested it under several conditions C drop, number of card reads/inserts, battery management, how easy it is to press any key on its keyboard, etc. 

The device connects to a phone using Bluetooth. Setting up Bluetooth is often a sore spot, even for experienced users.Large collection of quality cleanersydney at discounted prices. PayPal built a nice tutorial to help guide customers through the process. 

The reader is currently in testing at the Greedy Goat ice cream stand in Londons Borough Market. (I highly recommend their raspberry chili ice cream.) A number of merchants near PayPals London offices are also testing it. 

Its a small but important step and shows that PayPal president David Marcus is intent on reforming the commonly held belief that PayPal is slow and bureaucratic. Marcus is personally involved in design reviews, Patel said.If you are looking for fridgemagnet for your bathroom walls. PayPals move may become even more important as rules in the U.S. change over the next several years and the U.S. moves closer to the European model. 

Despite a forecast that predicted just a light sprinkling for the early starters, the touring professional for the stunning Maynooth venue was completely unperturbed by some heavy rainfall as he carded a five-under-par 67 to share second place with Hoey, Jean Baptiste Gonnet of France, American rookie Peter Uihlein and Dutchman Joost Luiten. 

As 29-year old Swede Oscar Floren shrugged off a niggling foot injury to fire an immaculate, six-under-par 66 to head the field, the rain did little for the attendance on the roomy Montgomerie Course. 

Lowry and Hoey certainly did their bit but it was another bitterly disappointing day for world No 2 Rory McIlroy, who struggled to a two-over 74 alongside the Offaly man and 2006 champion Thomas Bjorn of Denmark. 

The 24-year old from Holywood drove the ball poorly again and with his putter still in the deep freeze, he will need to shoot a sub-par round today just to make the halfway cut. 

McIlroy confessed that he is a little lost at the moment, which will do little to assuage the fears of the tournament organisers over his presence in the draw tomorrow. 

He played brilliant, said Bjorn, who shot a 68. You can see he believes he can play this golf course and he played really well and solid, and just kept plodding away and took his chances when he got them.The Wagan Wireless Rear porcelaintiles help you be safe while parking. I thought he played really nice today. 

Bidding to make history by becoming the first player to win the same event on the European Tour as both an amateur and a professional, he drove into sand and dropped a shot at the tough 10th, but then birdied the 13th, 14th and 15th and then followed a great chip and putt birdie at the par-five 18th with two more birdie fours at the fourth and eighth. 

I got off to a shaky enough start with a bogey on 10 which wasnt ideal but I knew my golf was good enough coming into the week, Lowry said. Im really happy with the way I followed up that bogey to start and I could have birdied my last hole to shoot 66. 

I made a nice up and down to birdie the 13th, the short par four, after hitting a pretty bad tee shot right. But birdied there and birdied 14 straight away by hitting an eight-iron into about six feet. Then I got up and down and birdied the 15th for three in a row to get to two under and started cruising from there.

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Looxcie HD review

Wearable technology is growing rapidly as we move into a life full of smart devices. We are trying to simplify our lives and improve our performance with these products, but we are not willing to become cyborgs. This is why it is important for technology to also improve our human side. We can say a device is successful (in this aspect) when it can give us experiences that focus on what we can do, instead of what the gadget can do for us. The Looxcie HD Explore is one of these devices. 

I had a chance to review the Looxcie 2 in the past,More than 80 standard commercial and iphoneheadset exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans. which brought great features and functionality but had its defects. It doubled as a bluetooth headset, making you more productive, but its camera and companion apps also allowed us to record and share video on the go. It was portable, sleek and simple, but many complained about the lack of HD video recording capabilities. 

The Looxcie HD Explore moves into the portable video camera market by bringing us full HD videos while sacrificing bluetooth capabilities. It is not a replacement to the Looxcie 2, but an enticing option for another market a competitor to wearable cameras like the GoPro. 

The Looxcie HD Explore is not only a better camera for sports and personal events, but it has also been designed to survive. While we wont say it is a rugged device, it is night and day compared to the Looxcie 2. The Explore features a much more solid build quality, built with rubber, durable plastic and what looks like some form of metal. 

Everything feels very sturdy and in place. I never felt like it was going to break on me or like I was being overly rough with it. The device does have a bit of ruggedness to it C Looxcie is calling it weather-resistant. A waterproof case is said to be coming, though, making this a great wearable camera for adventure-seekers. 

Two buttons are placed on the top of the device, one for initiating/stopping a recording and one for creating Instant Clips (30-second videos meant for quick sharing). These buttons feel pretty solid, but I do wish they provided more feedback. 

Its hard to tell if one has really pressed the buttons, which usually results in one turning the camera around to see if the red light between the lens and the microphone is lit (it indicates the camera is recording). This results in all your videos starting with your face! 

The power switch and the microUSB port are placed in the back, covered by a rubber layer that comes completely off. The battery covers the whole side and is made of a rubberized material. It fits very tight into place, and a small latch keeps the battery solidly in place. I am more than sure the battery will never come out when in use, which is always a plus. 

Below the battery you can also find a microSD card slot. The fact that it is housed inside keeps it very safe again, thats very convenient for active users. The unit accepts cards as low as class 4 and with a capacity as high as 64 GB. No card is included and the device has no internal storage, so make sure to keep that in mind and have one ready. 

I find the conjunction of the cameras design and its new accessories very convenient. In a sense,Weymouth is collecting gently used, dry cleaned cableties at their Weymouth store. the camera is a standalone block. If you want to wear it, it has to be put in its casing, which then gets installed in different accessories. The camera and its adapter get docked into accessories like the helmet mount, ball cap clip, handlebar mount and the windshield mount (some of these are included with the Looxcie HD Explore package). 

Of course, the device comes with a microUSB port you can use for charging and transferring files. The Looxcie HDs most important features are its smartphone controls, though. The Looxcie HD uses WiFi to connect to smartphones, unlike the Looxcie 2, which used bluetooth. This makes the connection much faster and reliable, even if it may use more battery. 

One can simply connect to the camera via WiFi, but this will force you to stay out of your regular WiFi connection (which is no huge problem considering you probably wont be using this at home). Dont worry, the app allows you to keep your smartphones data connection while you use the WiFi with the camera, so you wont be left stranded out there. 

There is a bit of a delay when you start the camera. It seems like it stutters for a couple seconds before it starts recording. This can be noticed after the video is reviewed C the video will not start exactly where you thought it would. Also, it can be noticed when using the live view in the Looxcie app. It is definitely an issue,How cheaply can I build a carpark? but one can simply anticipate it. All in all, I wouldnt say its a deal breaker. 

After looking at the test footage, we can see the video quality is still not quite up-to-par with the competition. The picture can be a bit grainy and the colors dont pop as much (especially during low-light conditions), but we must also realize what separates the Looxcie HD from cameras like GoPros. It is meant to be a sharing device. 

While the Looxcie 2 used multiple apps, the company has managed to put it all into a single app for the Looxcie HD. The app is rather simple and straight-forward. One can easily record, stream or buffer with the Looxcie HD. Also, you can even stream to your Facebook account and you dont even need a Looxcie camera to do this. Your devices cameras can be used to stream via the Looxcie app,A quality paper cutter or paper drycabinet can make your company's presentation stand out. so you can go ahead and use it even if you dont have your Looxcie HD around (or if you dont plan on buying one at all). 

One can also watch videos other users have made public, or check the footage you have in the cloud. Watching the video on your Looxcie HDs microSD card is currently not possible, but the section is in the app and the feature should be coming in a future update. This would probably be my biggest gripe about the app,Today, Thereone.com, a reliable porcelaintiles online store, introduces its new arrival princess wedding dresses to customers. but according to the Looxcie team an update is coming within a couple weeks. Lets hope the ability to watch content saved in the camera is included.

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The Pacific free trade deal that's anything but free

"Free trade" is a sacred mantra in Washington. If anything is labeled as being "free trade", then everyone in the Washington establishment is required to bow down and support it. Otherwise,Sell Sinotruk handsfreeaccess Truck 4x2 in Truck & Bus category. they are excommunicated from the list of respectable people and exiled to the land of protectionist Neanderthals.

This is essential background to understanding what is going on with the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), a pact that the United States is negotiating with Australia, Canada, Japan and eight other countries in the Pacific region. The agreement is packaged as a "free trade" agreement. This label will force all of the respectable types in Washington to support it.

In reality, the deal has almost nothing to do with trade: actual trade barriers between these countries are already very low. The TPP is an effort to use the holy grail of free trade to impose conditions and override domestic laws in a way that would be almost impossible if the proposed measures had to go through the normal legislative process. The expectation is that by lining up powerful corporate interests, the governments will be able to ram this new "free trade" pact through legislatures on a take-it-or-leave-it basis.

As with all these multilateral agreements, the intention is to spread its reach through time.HellermannTyton manufactures a full line of high quality cableties in a variety of styles, That means that anything the original parties to the TPP accept is likely to be imposed later on other countries in the region, and quite likely, on the rest of the world.

At this point, it's not really possible to discuss the merits of the TPP since the governments are keeping the proposed text a secret from the public. Only the negotiators themselves and a select group of corporate partners have access to the actual document. The top executives at General Electric, Goldman Sachs, and Pfizer probably all have drafts of the relevant sections of the TPP. However, the members of the relevant congressional committees have not yet been told what is being negotiated.

A few items that have been leaked give us some insight as to the direction of this pact. One major focus is will be stronger protection for intellectual property. In the case of recorded music and movies, we might see provisions similar to those that were in the Stop Online Privacy Act (Sopa). This would make internet intermediaries like Google, Facebook and, indeed, anyone with a website into a copyright cop.

Since these measures were hugely unpopular, Sopa could probably never pass as a standalone piece of legislation. But tied into a larger pact and blessed with "free trade" holy water, the entertainment industry may be able to get what it wants.

The pharmaceutical industry is also likely to be a big gainer from this pact. It has decided that the stronger patent rules that it inserted in the 1995 WTO agreement don't go far enough. It wants stronger and longer patent protection and also increased use of "data exclusivity".China howocargotruck and China HOWO truck, This is a government-granted monopoly, often as long as 14 years, that prohibits generic competitors from entering a market based on another company's test results that show a drug to be safe and effective.

Note that stronger copyright and patent protection, along with data exclusivity, is the opposite of free trade. They involve increased government intervention in the market; they restrict competition and lead to higher prices for consumers.

In fact, the costs associated with copyright and patent protection dwarf the costs associated with the tariffs or quotas that usually concern free traders. While the latter rarely raise the price of a product by more than 20-30%, patent protection for prescription drugs can allow drugs to sell for hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars per prescription when they would sell for $5-10 as a generic in a free market. Patent protection increases what patients pay for drugs in the United States by close to $270bn a year (1.8% of GDP).What is the difference between standard "ceramic" tiles and porcelaintiles? In addition to making drugs unaffordable to people who need them, the economic costs implied by this market distortion are enormous.

There are many other provisions in this pact that are likely to be similarly controversial. The rules it creates would override domestic laws on the environment, workplace safety, and investment. Of course, it's not really possible to talk about the details because there are no publicly available drafts.

In principle, the TPP is exactly the sort of issue that should feature prominently in the fall elections. Voters should have a chance to decide if they want to vote for candidates who support raising the price of drugs for people in the United States and the rest of the world, or making us all into unpaid copyright cops.Why does moulds grow in homes or buildings? But there is no text and no discussion in the campaigns – and that is exactly how the corporations who stand to gain want it.

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